2021: 7 Products to Treat Hyperpigmentation in Women of Color

It’s not uncommon for women to experience hyperpigmentation. My fair share of products for reducing dark spots and post-inflammatory acne scars have failed to help me. In any case, I realize that hyperpigmentation can be challenging to treat, but it seems to be especially difficult for women of color and those with darker skin tones.

The first step to understanding why hyperpigmentation occurs is to understand how it works. In hyperpigmentation, melanin (which determines our hair and skin color) is produced in excess. Darker skin contains more melanin, making hyperpigmentation more challenging to correct, says Brittaney Trent, a licensed aesthetician in New York City: Hyperpigmentation can be more severe and more severe in darker skin tones, which can make it harder to treat.

You need to know what causes the discoloration of your skin in the first place so that you can find the right treatment. Inflammation, trauma, acne, and acne scarring can all trigger hyperpigmentation.

A dermatologist who is board certified believes inflammation contributes to hyperpigmentation, especially in dark skin. Consequently, I believe you have to be extremely careful [with] a lot of the things that you do to treat hyperpigmentation in darker skin in order to prevent any further inflammation.”

How can hyperpigmentation be treated with the best ingredients?

You should pay attention to how your skin reacts to a product and its active ingredients. For example, things like kojic acid (a byproduct of the fermentation of fungi to help suppress melanin production), azelaic acid (a compound that has anti-inflammatory properties), and vitamin C (a nutrient that helps brighten the skin) are just a few of the ingredients that Hope Mitchell, MD, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist and co-founder of Mitchell Dermatology, likes to recommend for treating hyperpigmentation for her patients.

“Most products can be used on all skin tones; however, some might need to be started at a lower concentration and increased cautiously because irritation or a burn may trigger a cascade of inflammation that can lead to hyperpigmentation,” Mitchell says.

You may have better luck reducing dark spots and discolorations if you follow these recommendations from the pros.

Women of color are advised to use products that treat hyperpigmentation

DermaCeuticals Discoloration Defense – $98.00

Robinson uses this SkinCeuticals formula to combat discoloration and dark spots. The serum contains kojic acid in combination with vitamin B3, which makes skin appear brighter and reduces brown patches.

Skin Refiner by BeautyStat – $80.00

I love [BeautyStat], which belongs to a Black-owned company he says. In order to get rid of hyperpigmentation, vitamin C is essential. There’s more to this serum than usual. Designed with a patented delivery system that prevents oxidation, this product contains the highest concentration of ascorbic acid (20 percent). Added to that, green tea, squalane, and tartaric acid boost the synthesis of collagen (albeit gently).”

Clarifying & Tone Correcting Gel by Tula Skin Care – $36.00

There is more to acne than just the blemish. In addition, it leaves a scar. Trent uses this Tula correcting gel to keep acne scarring to a minimum. This gel has grown to be my favorite and I use it no matter how big or small my breakout is. It brightens dark spots, as well as containing prebiotics and probiotics that balance your skin. Additionally, it contains superfoods such as wild mint and mushroom extract to minimize the appearance of pores. It can be drying sometimes using salicylic acid products, but this acne gel is water-based and will not irritate your skin.

The Seneca Cyspera Intensive Pigment Corrector costs $169.00

Despite the fact that the pigment corrector is somewhat pricey, the effects may well make it worth a try. In the treatment of hyperpigmentation, Cyspera is making waves right now, says Dr. Robinson. Several of my patients have proven to be greatly helped by that cysteamine product, who have tried many hyperpigmentation treatments without much success. [They] are extremely happy with [this].”

Anti-aging serum with retinol – $10.00

No other treatment is as effective as retinol at treating problematic skin. This ingredient has the potential to transform problematic skin, including discolorations. Trent recommends this budget-friendly, effective purchase from the Gen-Z-favorite brand. As the skin turns over its superficial cells faster when using retinol, it is another ‘must’ ingredient for tackling hyperpigmentation. “Some over-the-counter retinol products can be expensive, but this one is affordable and effective. In addition to reducing the appearance of dark spots, it reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles – and [it] is formulated with squalane to help hydrate the skin.

Vitamin C Clearing Serum – Hyper Clear Brightening – $36.50

The vegan Hyper Clear Brightening Vitamin C Serum from Dr. Mitchell is fast-absorbing and ideal for skin. It has a unique formulation that contains 15 percent vitamin C and E to help reduce fine lines and dark patches on the skin. “[It’s] blended with kojic acid and the blend brightens the skin while addressing hyperpigmentation. Dr. Hope says that the product blends smoothly into the skin and doesn’t leave it feeling greasy.

Brightening Complex – Glytone Enhance – $74.00

In addition to moisturizing and reducing dark spots all in one go, this Glytone face cream is an excellent exfoliant that you should add to your beauty kit. It’s great to have these ingredients as a double-team,” Mitchell says. Adding azelaic acid to glycolic acid will prevent new acne causing hyperpigmentation as well as loosening the bond between cells. The skin’s melanin production is also suppressed. “

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