2021: The 15 Best Nail Strengtheners According to Experts

Your nails go through a lot on a daily basis, even if you don’t realise it, and that’s where a decent nail strengthener comes in. Hands are going to feel dry and brittle from time to time due to hand washing, normal wear and tear, weekly manicures, and (if you’re anything like me) being treated to the curiously pleasant process of gel polish peeling. The solution, according to experts, is to pamper them using some of the greatest nail strengtheners available.

While strengthening your nails may not appear to be as crucial as, say, strengthening your core, it is still something to consider. “Healthy nails aren’t necessary for overall health—having brittle nails won’t kill you—but they are important for day-to-day activities, and having weak nails can limit our ability to perform simple tasks and pleasures, lowering our quality of life over time,” says Rachel Nazarian, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City. “Healthy, strong nails are required for our capacity to pick, scratch, and even utilise our nails to perform simple tasks like opening a can of soda.” Furthermore, breaking a nail is quite painful, therefore it’s best to prevent it at all costs.

The most effective nail strengtheners

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The best nail strengthener

$35.00 Londontown Lakur

Londtown’s Lakur nail paints, which are loaded with moisture to keep nails nourished and healthy, are a favourite of Dr. Nazarian’s. Cucumber extract, strengthening garlic extract and rapseed flower oil, replenishing evening primrose oil, and relaxing chamomille are all key constituents. The collection comes in a wide spectrum of colours, from bright pinks to muted neutrals, so you can create whatever kind of mani you like.

$10.00 Zoya Nail Lacquer

What makes Zoya polishes so special is what they don’t have. They’re ten-free, which means they’re free of substances that can weaken your nails, such as toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP, according to Dr. Nazarian. They’re also ultra-breathable, so your nails will feel just as good after you take them off as they did when you applied them.

$18.00 for OPI Original Nail Envy Nail Strengthener Color

“Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” is the tagline for this polish, which is literally stolen from the song. It contains hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium to strengthen your natural nails, and it comes in adorable colours like “Hawaiian Orchid” and “Bubble Bath.” “After one application, I’m delighted with the results—my nails appear stronger and aren’t peeling,” one reviewer said.

Nail Glow by Dior — 28.00 dollars

The amazing thing about this polish is that it doesn’t have its own colour; instead, it’s meant to brighten your natural nail colour. What’s the end result? Achieve the look of a French manicure without the trouble. It will not only give your nails a healthy appearance, but it will also help strengthen them over time.

$10.00 Orly Nailtrition

“Nailtrition” is just what it sounds like: nail nutrition. The barely-there pink lacquer encourages natural nail growth in just 14 days and gives your nails a delicate gloss that masks flaws until they’re gone for good.

The best base coatings for strengthening your nails

The Foundation TenOverTen — $18.00

Prep your manicure with this nail-strengthening base coat, which contains hydrating elements that strengthen your natural nails while also allowing your lacquer to last longer. It may be worn alone to give your nails a healthy glow, or you can layer it under your favourite statement-making hue for a manicure that lasts as long as you need it to.

Back to Life Recovery Treatment & Base Coat by NAILS INC. – $15.00

Consider this a base coat and treatment in one. After three weeks of application, a blend of natural oils hydrates and nourishes damaged nails (especially those that have been covered with gel polish for the greater part of a decade), and has been shown to rejuvenate nails. It has a somewhat pink, glow-y look, so you may use it as a tinted moisturiser for your nails on its own.

$10.00 Essie Strong Start Nail Treatment

One of the most important vitamins for nail strength is biotin, and this base coat contains a topical version of the vitamin to help with brittleness. It also helps to prevent peeling, chipping, and breakage, making it an excellent initial step in any at-home manicure.

For post-acrylic nails, the best nail strengthener and growth therapies include

Si-Nails by Isdin — $28.00

With this quick-absorbing nail strengthening pen, the brand behind some of our favourite skin-care products (if you haven’t tried the sunscreen, you’re losing out) extends its formulation prowess to nail care. It has been proven to strengthen brittle nails by increasing the thickness, density, and resilience of the nail and cuticle to the point of visible results in only 14 days, according to clinical experiments undertaken by the brand. Its components encourage the formation of silicone and keratin, two of the building blocks of strong nails, as well as hyaluronic acid for hydration.

Hard As Hoofs Nail Strengthening Cream by Onyx Professional – $8.00

This conditioning cuticle cream promises to make your nails as tough as hooves, and it has the reviews to back it up. For optimal nourishment and hydration, it’s fortified with a complete alphabet’s worth of vitamins (A, C, D, and E), as well as jojoba seed oil, calcium, and beeswax. “I took off my artificial nails and my natural nails were terribly damaged…thin as paper and splitting…” wrote one reviewer. I tried this lotion, and my nails looked and felt amazing within 7 days, and my cuticles were healthy and soft.”

$20.00 CND RescueRXx

This daily nail treatment is created by the same people that develop the greatest gel paints in the industry. It carries keratin protein into your natural nail with jojoba and almond oil, and the combination of substances strengthens the surface while restoring moisture.

Bullet-Proof Strong Solution by Nutra Nail — $14.00

This fabric is constructed of the same type of nylon that is used in bulletproof vests, so you know it has to be tough. It’s so strong that it can strengthen your nails up to 50% stronger just after you apply it. It’s free of nail-weakening chemicals like butyl phthalate, formaldehyde, and toluene, and acts as a buffer against anything that prevents your nails from reaching their full potential.

$14.00 Dermelect Revital-Oil Nail Cuticle Treatment

It’s crucial to take care of your cuticles if you want your nails to grow long and strong, and this item can help you do that. Rachel James, CEO of Pear Nova, previously told Well+Good, “Cuticle oil should be massaged into your cuticles, nail bed, and surrounding skin year-round to promote growth.” For a maximum dosage of fortification and hydration, shake the bottle to blend strengthening keratin protein peptides with moisturising jojoba, citrus, and argan oils.

What factors have an impact on the strength of your nails?

1.Dehydration is number one.

You’re probably aware of how cold, dry air and moisture-sucking items can compromise the integrity of your skin barrier. Your nails, too, might succumb to the same fate. “Anything that is applied topically or substances that come into contact with your nails may draw out moisture,” says Dr. Nazarian. “Harsh cleansers or soaps, chemicals to clean and disinfect, or even working with your hands and flipping papers all day can pull moisture out of our nails and cause them to become dry and brittle.” “Colder, drier times of the year, such as winter, can dehydrate our skin and nails, weakening them.”

2. Removing nail polish incorrectly

When you pull off a gel mani or pick at your acrylics, there’s a reason why your nails look (and feel) bad. “The way we remove our nail polish, whether by peeling it off or dipping it in polish remover, can deplete the natural hydrators that maintain our nails healthy and strong,” explains Dr. Nazarian. Picking your polish can raise your nail plate, causing damage and peeling—two things that aren’t just inconvenient, but can also prevent subsequent gels and lacquer from staying properly to your nail, according to Sarah Gibson Tuttle, Founder and CEO of Olive & June.

3. Some nail polishes

“Overuse of gel and acrylics can lead to weak nails,” explains Rachel Apfel Glass, founder of GLOSSLAB. Gel manicures, in particular, can cause nail thinning, as we previously know. “Some types of polishes, notably some gels and acrylic polishes, can also weaken the nail beds,” says Apfel. Ingredients like formaldehyde and parabens, according to Dr. Nazarian, can compromise the integrity of your nails, so opt for varnishes that are free of these chemicals.

How to check if your nails are strong

In most circumstances, merely looking at your nails will tell you if they aren’t up to par. “If your nails fray at the end, break, peel, or just fail to grow in length,” adds Dr. Nazarian, “you’ll know they’re not as healthy and strong as they need to be.” To put it another way, if you can’t pick up a dumbbell without losing a tip, your nails are obviously in need of some TLC.

How to Make Your Nails Stronger

Finding the correct topical solutions is all it takes to restore your nails to their full, reinforced potential. “I’d make sure you apply an oil or something like that to keep your nails hydrated if you’re not wearing polish,” Fleury Rose, a New York City-based nail artist, recently told Well+Good. “Massaging a cuticle oil straight onto your nails can give them a lustrous, healthy appearance.” Dr. Nazarian suggests looking for solutions that include nourishing oils and proteins like mastic oil, sunflower oil, and vitamin E, whereas Apfel Glass favours pure coconut oil for moisturization and brittleness prevention. Another fantastic ingredient choice? Nylon, which is made up of microscopic particles that are used into nail treatments to offer a protective layer against the elements, thickens your nails and makes them less prone to cracks and breakage.

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