2021’s Best Spin Shoes, as Recommended by the Pros

If you’ve taken a spin class, you know how difficult it can be to ride without the right footwear. The best spin shoes feel the best (and are the real deal). Due to their physical connection to the bike, clip-in shoes allow you to put more power into each step and climb.

Sweats and the City (SATC) blogger Dale Borchiver says that everyday sneakers are cushioned, but spin shoes are firm, allowing for better sturdiness when pedaling. It also ensures that your foot will not slide out while spinning. These small differences may seem insignificant, but they influence your overall spin experience, comfort, and performance.”

The ease of having your own clip-in sneakers makes a world of difference when you exercise in a spin studio.

Second half of SATC, Elizabeth Endres, explains that rental shoes are worn by many, many different people, each with a unique foot shape, which can influence the shape of the shoe and the support it provides. “It’s also a lot more hygienic option, since you generate a lot sweat during a spin class. On top of that, spin shoes cost an average of $3 per week to rent, which may not seem like much, but adds up over time.”

You can complete the studio experience right in your living room if you have your own at-home spin bike and pair it with a pair of clip-in shoes.

Are you looking for recommendations? You can rock your next ride with suggestions from Borchiver and Endres. We’ve compiled a list of the best spin shoes no matter if you’re a newbie or an old pro.

Shoes for spinning for women

Cycling Shoe IC5 – $125 Shimano

Do you need an affordable spin shoe? Shimano’s IC5 is recommended by Dale and Elizabeth.

When it comes to a spin shoe, this shoe has something we could all use more of: ventilation!Then Borchiver says. Mesh is used throughout the upper part, allowing for more breathability. Additionally, the shoe’s tongue shapes to fit the foot, adding to its support.” Borchiver emphasizes.

Shoes – Specialized Remix – $65.00

Performance and comfort come together in this budget-friendly option.

In addition to laces instead of straps or buckles, they have seamless interiors to reduce chafing and discomfort, and Body Geometry sole construction and footbeds, which are designed ergonomically to boost performance and efficiency.

Men’s spin shoes that are best

125 dollars for Nike SuperRep Cycle Shoes

They’re great for the studio or at home. This Nike indoor cycling shoe is a great option because it boasts maximum ventilation, quick drying material, and a comfortable design. Borchiver says these are perfect for those looking for comfort and breathability over performance.

Cycling Shoes – Unisex – $ 100.00

Over 3,000 customers have reviewed these sleek cycling shoes on Amazon. Venzo’s model offers true support and flexibility, whether you’re riding a bike, commuting, or spinning at home.

Cycling shoe by Giro – $145.00

These spin shoes are made by Giro, a legendary brand in cycling wear. These shoes feature a carbon fiber reinforced sole for extra traction while climbing or sprinting. The thin, breathable material keeps you cool on even the sweatiest rides.

Peloton spin shoes that work best

Slipstream by Tiem – $130.00

Peloton can be used with SPD cleats (such as Tiem Slipstreams, Borchiver and Endres’ preferred choice).

In addition to being stylish, sleek, and comfortable, these cycling shoes double as sneakers when not riding!Borchiver declares. The cleats are available separately, but it’s really a two-in-one deal

Cycling Shoes – Adidas The Road – $150.00

Peloton partnered with Adidas to design a shoe that is compatible with Peloton. These bad boys will allow you to ride your Peloton in style while wearing the classic Adidas look. You can also use them on other bikes if you do not have a Peloton.

Cycling Shoes – Peloton – $125.00

You can also get Peloton’s own cycling shoes, designed to fit seamlessly onto your own bicycle. In this way, you are not left wondering if your cleats are compatible with your sneakers. Your Peloton will fit perfectly into these, so you can spin in them right away.

Shoes with wide toe boxes for spinning

Cycling Scarpes Mita 7 — $270.00

Wide feet will appreciate these premium cycling shoes’ ultra-flexible mesh upper. This mesh shoe keeps your foot stable and provides ample breathing space as it moves with the contour of your foot.

Ninety dollars for the Shimano 3hRC1 cycling shoe

If you’re looking for a shoe with a little more space than normal, Shimano has many wide options in its line of spin shoes. As an added safety feature, the RC1 has wide, durable heel pads.

Besides making wide sizes, Lake also makes comfortable clip-ins. With its rugged materials, weather-resistant fabrics, and unparalleled support, this is a great pair for indoor and outdoor road racing.

Despite suggesting both women’s and men’s shoes, we only suggest them based on search results. You can wear whichever shoe you want, however you identify.

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