2021’s Top Yoga Pants for Maternity and Postpartum

So there are the best maternity pants and then there are the best maternity yoga pants. They are not the same thing. Pregnancy leggings, possibly the most significant garment ever invented, provide greater comfort and support than any other maternity pants. They hug you in the right places, feel great against your skin, and fit comfortably before, during, and after pregnancy.

Yoga maternity pants are just like pregnant leggings in terms of comfort, but they go even farther. They can come with pockets (pockets! ), provide additional belly support, and are composed of technical, breathable fabrics. While loose-fitting pants with stretchy waistbands are also comfortable, tighter-fitting pants have their own set of advantages. Particularly for the majority of sorts of physical activity. However, you must ensure that they extend a great deal. “While tight trousers are uncomfortable during pregnancy, they can feel amazing if they’re made with spandex,” says Jane Van Dis, Board Certified OB-GYN and Medical Advisor for Bobbie, “and breathable materials are a good decision at any stage of a woman’s life.”

It’s up to you whether you want the band to stop beneath the belly (just short of the bulge) or stretch over the belly with any maternity leggings (these can go high above the bump or can roll down to exactly where it feels comfortable day to day).

Ariane Goldman, creator and CEO of HATCH, a maternity expert, recommends looking for outfits that focus on fit and fabric. “You want fabric that can grow with you while still holding its shape and keeping you cool and comfortable,” says Goldman. “Look for smart design aspects that take into account your developing bump, such as a supportive waistband, [that] can be worn over or under the bulge, and are C section friendly (HATCH leggings are!).”

We understand that you may not want to spend a lot of money on a pregnancy wardrobe (trust us, we’ve been there), but maternity leggings are a lifesaver. You can start wearing them as soon as your jeans no longer fit comfortably and continue to do so well into your fourth trimester. No one will judge you if you stay longer.

The greatest maternity yoga pants and leggings

h&m joggers

Mama Maternity Joggers from H&M — $18.00

When you don’t feel like wearing leggings, try a jogger. The lightweight organic cotton and recycled polyester blend includes a wide jersey panel at the waist for a comfortable over-the-tummy fit.

Momanda Maternity Yoga Pants with Over the Belly — $17.00

These pregnancy yoga pants offer a cross belly band for support where and when you need it for less than $20. Even if you’re wearing a good pair of opaque leggings to get you through your workouts for the next 9+ months, the wrap will never dig in or feel tight.


$69.00 Seraphine Maternity Yoga Power Leggings

The high performance, figure-sculpting fabric of these yoga pants can handle sizes X-small through X-large. The belly band, which is made of their characteristic natural viscose jersey, is super-soft, breathable, and flexible, allowing you to wear it over or under the bump.

Blanqi Belly Support Crop Legging for Maternity — $54.00

Even when you feel like the baby’s weight is moving lower, the belly-hugging support of these leggings actually helps you keep it all in place. These leggings have a seamless tight feel to them, so they move with you seamlessly when you’re stretching. It’s no surprise that these were created by moms for moms.

adidas leggings

Cotton Maternity Leggings by Adidas — $45.00

These cotton jersey leggings have just enough spandex to make them suitable for yoga. When you need more coverage, the high-rise waist can be folded down for more comfort. These are wonderful for exercises, but they’re also comfortable enough to wear all day.

motherhood leggings

Yoga Pants for Motherhood Maternity Underbelly — $12.00

The crossover underbelly provides you a little lift and support without compressing your stomach. If your legs are feeling a little bigger than usual (thanks, swelling! ), the bootcut is a good option for a yoga pant. You can breathe easily (literally) in pants that offer you some room in and out of the yoga class.

belly bandits

Power Pocket Leggings by Belly Bandit — $119.00

These are power leggings with a built-in Belly Bandit for more support. Fold it slightly under the bump if you need extra lift and support in the stomach. Pull the fabric over and above if you want the hug. The pocket is a nice addition to this four-way stretch poly/spandex legging.

kindred bravely

Bravely, Kindred Leggings for Maternity and Postpartum Support by Louisa — $90.00

Leggings provide just as much support afterwards as they did during the first three trimesters. Even more so if the mother underwent a C-section. When you need to feel secure, the band may be folded down or worn all the way up to the bra brand. You can select between pockets and no pockets in sizes ranging from small to double XL. It’s a no-brainer, right?

girlfriend collective

$88.00 Seamless Maternity Legging

Girlfriend Collective, a sustainable athleisure brand, has a pair of maternity leggings that are so comfortable, you’ll have to force yourself to take them off. (You could address this problem by buying a couple pairs—it’ll be worth it.) These are particularly lightweight and breezy, thanks to the super stretchy fabric (a blend of recycled nylon and spandex). You won’t have to worry about sweating through them. Plus, you’d never guess they’re fashioned from repurposed fishing nets!

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