3 Women Who Work Out A Lot Offer Curly Hair Care Tips

No one ever said, “I want my hair to look particularly fantastic today, so I’m going to work out.” Curly hair can make the struggle much more difficult. Because, whether you wear your curls in a bun on gym days or you enjoy the shaken-out look of your hair after a workout but despise how itchy your scalp gets, sweat and curly hair don’t always get along.

But excellent hair days and HIIT workouts don’t have to be mutually exclusive—all you need are the correct hair-care items. To prove it, we asked three women to share their best curly hair tips after using the Root Refresh Micellar Rinse, Soothe Me Daily Scalp Serum, Revive Me Daily Moisturizing Spray, and Edge Flourish Daily Nourishing Serum from the Sunday || Sunday Moisture Balance Kit, a line specifically formulated for active women.

The products (which are now available at Sephora!) are developed with botanical components that support hair health by eliminating perspiration and balancing moisture, so you don’t have to choose between working out and protecting and/or styling your hair (because yes, you can have both).

Does it seem too good to be true? Continue reading to see how the products performed in real life, as well as get some curly hair care advice from the people who tested them.

Continue reading for hair-care advice from three ladies with curly hair after a workout.

curly hair care root refresh

I normally do 30 minutes of yoga twice a week and an hour on weekends, and after a workout, my scalp becomes itchy and my curls grow frizzier. However, after utilising the Sunday || Sunday products, I’ve noticed that my curls have remained polished, my scalp isn’t as itchy, and my hair smells amazing.

Root Refresh is my personal favourite of the bunch. Because I only wash my hair once a week, it becomes dry and my curls loosen over time. I like how my hair appears on days three and four since it has the most volume, but it also starts to look a little dry at that point. Root Refresh was ideal for using throughout the week because it rehydrates my hair and makes it appear as if I’d washed and styled my curls (even if I hadn’t).

Her hair-care advice for curly hair is as follows:

My advice to women with curly hair is to focus on how your hair feels and if it’s healthy rather than how it looks. Curly hair comes in a variety of styles, and it’s not all designed to look alike. It’s all a matter of trial and error. Even though I’m 30, I’m still trying to figure out what works best for my hair. Because we all know curly hair isn’t easy to keep, as long as you follow the procedures to take care of it, you’ll soon see the results you want.

curly hair care soothe me

Every week, I attempt to perform three strength training sessions followed by cardio (either riding my Peloton or running outside). I usually just put my hair up in a bun, and I know how frustrating it can be to have to choose between a good hair day and a good workout. If my hair is straightened, I normally don’t undertake a vigorous workout because it will sweat out. I also don’t style my hair when it’s curly if I’m going to work out because it’s typically not worth the effort.

I genuinely looked forward to tying my hair with the Sunday || Sunday products, and I wore it curly more often than straight (which is huge for me). My hair felt softer, my curls were more moisturised, and I wore my hair in a ponytail with my curls out instead of my regular bun.

I have a dry scalp, which can be aggravating while wearing curly hair because the scalp dries out even when the hair is damp. I liked the Soothe Me Scalp Serum since it was simple to apply to my dry regions and left them feeling much more hydrated. The Edge Flourish Daily Nourishing Serum was also a hit with me, and I was surprised to find that it genuinely hydrated my edges. Other edge products I’ve used have flaked after a while, but this one was soft and didn’t harden, flake, or dry out my skin.

Her hair-care advice for curly hair is as follows:

Accept your curls and style them to suit your mood! Every day with curly hair is different. Root Refresh will be your secret weapon if you’re like me and don’t always have the patience to wash, condition, and style your curls after every workout (who has time for that!?).

curly hair care revive me

I usually work out late at night after work or early thing on weekends, and my hair can appear a little dishevelled in either circumstance. To be honest, I never considered caring for my hair while working out, which could explain why my curls after workouts resemble Tom Hanks’ in Castaway rather than Nicole Kidman’s in The Undoing.

When you consider that I always work out in a ponytail (which means my hair has a visible ponytail line when I take it down), it’s easy to see why I’ve never felt like I could workout and then style my hair without wetting it in the shower. But, thanks to the Sunday || Sunday package, I was able to go from pre- to post-workout without having to jump in the shower right away, something I previously thought was a myth.

Out of the bunch, the Revive Me Moisturizing Spray was probably my favourite. It smells amazing, feels silky in my hair, and helps me keep the shape of my pre-workout curls post-workout. I’ve tried a lot of moisturising sprays over the years, and this one has the ideal consistency. Instead of showering after my workouts, I utilised this to help snap back the shape and style of my curls. This is a first for me!

Her hair-care advice for curly hair is as follows:

Humor. Have a sense of humour. It’s normal for your hair to seem like it worked out more than you did at times, and that’s why hats were made! However, once you find a decent product that works, get it in all sizes and keep it in your bathroom, gym bag, normal bag, office drawer, and wherever else you could go so you’re never without it!

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