A French press to make coffee easily Fellow’s Clara

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The French press, in my opinion, is quite controversial. Using one, as casually stylish as it appears, can be anything but simple. Every time I’ve tried, I’ve used too much (or too little) coffee, making my brew unpalatable. Alternatively, I don’t wait long enough and strain the grounds too soon. (Letting them steep for too long, on the other hand, makes your drink bitter.) As a result, finding the Fellow Clara French press is a game-changer.

Fellow is a brand that specialises in clever, elegant coffee basics, such the Clara French press, and it offers a number of equipment to make the brewing process easier. It’s made for beginners, with handy measuring lines that show users how to get the proper coffee-to-water ratio without using a scale. As a result, it’s difficult to make a bad cup of coffee.


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Even as someone who has struggled with this sort of coffee maker in the past, I was able to brew excellent coffee with the Fellow Clara French press…without needing to consult YouTube tutorials! The measuring lines save the day, but it’s clear that every single aspect has been carefully considered, well-planned, and meant to provide a smooth brewing process whether you’re a novice or a veteran. It has a double-wall stainless steel construction that keeps coffee hot for longer, as well as a weighted handle that makes pouring a little easier.

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