A Home Tour of Behr’s Color of the Year 2022

Mood is greatly affected by colors. The choice of color for a bedroom or the color they want for their new sofa is one of the reasons people spend so much time fussing over it. You can even use some colors to promote creativity and relaxation. The color of the year announced by Behr Paint Company earlier this week caught people’s attention.

Breezeway will be the brand’s color of the year in 2022, the brand announced on Tuesday. The brand says it represents a desire to move forward and discover new passions with this minty, almost pastel-like shade of green. And with the last two years we’ve had, those are things we all could use going forward.


Photo: Behr

According to Erika Woelfel, vice president of colors and creative services at Behr, a new year offers a chance to embrace a sense of renewal. We are inspired by Breezeway to fully embrace the hobbies and adventures in which we are captivated, both near and far, that motivate us. Colors that evoke a sense of healing, renewal and renewing are welcomed.”

With its mint-like colors, the wallpaper creates a peaceful vibe, yet it is bold enough to stand out in any space. Breezeway doesn’t only apply to walls. You can also buy some everyday items that will give off the same vibe in your home. You can get some ideas or inspiration about how to incorporate this color scheme into your daily life by checking out the products listed below.

Breezeway-inspired everyday essentials for the home

Set Of 14 Pieces of Cutlery by The Pioneer Woman – 66.00

Knives that are sharp always have a lot of power. Pioneer Woman cutlery is one of the many kitchen essentials you’ll use almost every day. The set includes a chef’s knife, a bread knife, a Nakiri knife, and a utility knife. Not to mention that the design is gorgeous.

Ceramic Air Fryer 4.3-QT 8-in-1 – 1400-Watt – $70.00

This handy little ceramic air fryer from Elpis is the perfect way to add some cooling and calm energy to your cooking space. Aside from being able to heat up to 400 degrees, it has seven preset meal options, including fish, shrimp, and chicken. The product is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

Diamond Peacock Alley Towel Set – $56.25

Originally $75, now only $56.25

With this Peacock Alley towel set, you’ll create a more relaxing bathroom aesthetic. Among the items you get are two bath towels, two face towels, and two hand towels for each person (and a partner, if you live with them).

California Nail Laquer – $9.00

By showing off this dye in a mani and pedi, you’ll show how open you are to embracing new passions and possibilities. The cool pastel color is made in Los Angeles and is 7-free (meaning it contains no harmful chemicals) and chip-resistant.

Ikner Task Chair – $210.00

Originally $362, now only $210

Having trouble finding the perfect WFH station desk? Here’s your chance to get a chair that fits your style, feels comfortable, and helps create a great atmosphere in your space. Featuring an adjustable seat and swivel to accommodate different heights, this Auker Task Chair is ergonomic to help with back support.

Gatha Mint Rectangle Area Rug by Ebern Designs – $237.00

This item was originally $614, now it’s $237

A handmade Gatha Mint Area rug can help bring balance to any room. With cotton canvas backing and delicate wool and viscose fabric, this rug is made in India. The rug can be placed under your couch, under your bed, or anywhere else in your home for a more aesthetically pleasing space.

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