A new body wash and lotion just launched by Verb’s Well+Good division

The haircare scene is definitely in the know if you know Verb. Thanks to its affordable shampoos, conditioners, and styling products, the brand has made waves in beauty circles. Verb hair products are beloved for a good reason, from its dry shampoo that had a waiting list of over 2,000 prior to launch to the ghost-like Ghost oil that’s virtually weightless.

As a result, the firm is expanding to new markets outside of its comfort zone. Verb released two new items today in its first-ever body care line: a Body Wash ($18) and a Body Lotion ($18). Its predecessors also focused on hair and both are equally impressive.

What is the reason for the expansion? A founding member of the brand, Claire Moses, says it was always in the plan. Verb has spent over a decade nailing its haircare line, prioritizing salon-quality products at a fraction of the price. (Fun fact: Verb’s standard-sized products are all $18.)

From a product development standpoint, it’s about making sure our products are appealing to that everyday client [who’s] looking to improve the look and feel of their hair without having to spend a large amount of time or money on it, says Moses. Despite a strong desire to expand, we needed to fill a lot of gaps first.”

According to Moses, the expansion was part of the brand’s strategy for growing. By choosing body care over, say, skin care or nail care, the brand had a natural next step in creating an overall wellness strategy.

As Moses says, when he wanted to venture into the body care industry, he wanted to create something that felt like him, but also something everyone was using that we could elevate. “These two products are like our ‘back to basics’… while they offer the very best formula possible.”

Verb’s shampoo and body lotion are both just as effective as the rest of its products. This refreshing body wash has an innovative gel-to-foam formula. In this gentle body cleanser, there are no exfoliators, and it doesn’t have a strong aroma or overpowering scent – it works by nourishing the skin while washing with moringa oil and aloe. I also like the slight grapefruit scent it has.

Both the lotion and the body wash are easy to apply. Verb’s lotion formula makes it feel like it’s nothing when it’s on your skin (kind of like the lotion version of the brand’s Ghost line). Besides being unscented, it is made of soothing ingredients including moringa oil, coconut oil, and argan oil. (Pro tip: Apply Moringa + Jojoba Treatment Oil ($18) to particularly dry places, like elbows and knees, to boost hydration.)

Overall, adding this body care duo to your regimen is a sound choice. With its clean, natural ingredients and affordable price, it bears a direct relation to its haircare line. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for more Verb products – it doesn’t look like the brand will stop at shampoo and body lotion.

We will be focusing a lot more on general wellness [space] in the coming months, the entrepreneur anticipates. Our products are designed to meet the personal needs of our clients, and we love creating products they can use every single day.”

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