A review of Vuori’s Halo performance clips

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In every color there is a pair of gym shorts that I own, and I plan on buying more. Vuori Halo Performance Shorts have been my summer wardrobe staple, but they are also a great option for early autumn (maybe not in that order, but they are moister-wicking, and I’ll get to that in a minute). The breezy drawstring short has earned its moment in the sun, but I’d like to cast a vote for the bike short that you can wear straight from bed to work out class!


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halo shorts

Halo Performance Shorts by Veori – $56.00

These sport shorts can easily double as sleepwear thanks to their soft and stretchy fabric. That’s how comfortable they are. The shirts are available in black, gray, light pink, and white and come in sizes XXS to XXL.

The Rib Studio Legging and Performance Jogger from Vuori kept me warm all winter and early spring, so I got some Vuori gym shorts when the weather got warmer. It’s almost surreal to think you’re wearing anything at all when you see ads for the brand all over Instagram. “Vuori” specializes in outdoor and loungewear made of materials so soft you’ll almost forget you’re wearing anything at all. Designed to keep you cool, dry, and fresh, the Halo Performance Short features a mix of recycled polyester and elastane that is lightweight, breathable, and designed to wick away sweat. Moreover, the shorts are quick to dry, so if you sweat during your workout, these are likely to be dry by evening. Those who need keys or a phone can carry them in a hidden pocket.

Thanks to the material and construction, these shorts can be worn as sleep shorts as well. In spite of their terrific stretch (and an elastic drawstring for extra comfort), they don’t feel like your typical sports short. In addition, I cannot sleep in my bike shorts since they are too tight. I need something flowier to be able to fall asleep. The Performance Shorts are equally supportive while running, cycling, and lifting weights (after all, they’re called Performance Shorts). There is no liner on these shorts, unlike some athletic shorts that provide coverage.

They claim to be the world’s most comfortable performance shorts, and they might not be wrong. It should also be noted that they are possibly the world’s most versatile shorts.

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