A Runner’s Resistance Band Warmup

I’ll admit that I can’t recall the last time I warmed up before a run, or for that matter, any form of training. I know, I realise, this is terrible for my health! But, because I only have so much time to work out (243,789 articles every week don’t write themselves! ), I prefer to get right to the meat of the workout. However, on the current episode of Good Moves, Nike master trainer Traci Copeland demonstrates a full 16-minute resistance band warmup in the hopes of inspiring us all to be intentional pre-workout.

Copeland emphasises the importance of taking your warmup seriously (and not skipping it altogether! ), as your workout begins with these pre-game stretches and smart moves.

“We’re going to perform a pre-run warmup today,” she continues, “but we’re going to do it with some [resistance] bands.” “Now, whether you’re a runner, performing an HIIT workout, or doing a strength training, bands are a terrific method to activate specific muscle areas. It’ll be a terrific approach to warm up your body and engage those muscles.”

Copeland starts the video with a series of stretches, including walking knee hugs to heat the hip flexors, walking thigh stretches, inner thigh stretches, and walking quad stretches.

She then grabs the resistance band and uses it to amp up the rest of the moves. “You can go from light to heavy with the resistance band,” she says. “Because this is still a warmup, I’d go with the smaller to medium sizes.” Then she takes us through two rounds of six manoeuvres each, one of which is my particular favourite: clamshells. (Seriously! I have an unexplainable fondness for them!)

Have you just realised that your warmups may need some improvement? Play to add the ideal warm-up to your next workout.

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