According to an RD, the best yoghurt for gut health is

While there is still much to learn about the gut-brain axis, it is apparent that there is a strong link between the two. You’ve heard of serotonin and dopamine, right? A number of those feel-good neurotransmitters are produced by the beneficial bacteria in your gut.

Gut health has also been connected to mental health, immunity, inflammation, and even sleep quality in studies. In a nutshell, maintaining a healthy microbiome is critical for a variety of reasons. But what’s one of the finest methods to keep your stomach happy? Probiotics, such as those found in yoghurt and other fermented foods.

“Yogurt contains living and active cultures, which aid in the growth of probiotic bacteria in the stomach. A healthy gut is essential for general health and is linked to everything from skin to mental well-being “Smoothies & Juices: Prevention Healing Kitchen, by Frances Largeman-Roth, RDN, nutrition expert And the advantages aren’t confined to dairy-based yoghurt. She claims that “plant-based yoghurts can deliver the same probiotic benefit as dairy-based yoghurts.”

According to Largeman-Roth, the largest benefits come from eating yoghurt every day. Nevertheless, not all yoghurts are created equal. She suggests looking for yoghurts with little or no added sugar when shopping. “Added sugars do not eliminate the benefits of probiotics, but since we all consume too much added sugar, choosing one with less added sugar is a good idea. Of course, you may always go with the unsweetened version and then top it with your own fresh fruit. Artificial colours, sugars, or tastes are also unnecessary in yoghurt “she explains.

Additionally, check to see if your yoghurt contains the live and active cultures that are essential for reaping the gut-friendly benefits. While the FDA requires all yoghurt to be prepared with live bacterial cultures, many yoghurts aren’t recognised to be high in probiotics because the live cultures may have been destroyed by heat treatment. Examine the label of your yoghurt for at least two (but preferable three or four) probiotic strains.

The six greatest yoghurts for gut—and overall—health are listed below by Largeman-Roth. These brands are recommended by her because they have a decent protein-to-added-sugar ratio, contain probiotics, and have less than seven grammes of added sugar per serving. Find them below, then try one of these simple yoghurt recipes to add them to your regular routine.

$6.00 Lavva Pili Nut Yogurt Tub

Pili nuts, which are native to the Philippines, Northern Australia, and areas of Southeast Asia, are used to make this dairy-free, vegan-friendly yoghurt. Because they contain all eight necessary amino acids, the teardrop-shaped nuts are outstanding. Young plantains, which are low on the glycemic index (meaning they won’t spike your blood sugar) and high in prebiotics, are used to sweeten the yoghurt.

Handmade Greek Yogurt with a White Moustache — $7.00

Handmade, hand-strained, and hand-packed White Moustache yoghurt takes three days to create from start to finish, which is why it costs a little more than the other yoghurts on this list. It comes in a variety of flavours, including sour cherry, dates, walnut, and honey, as well as seasonal types, making the gut-friendly breakfast dish well worth the extra few dollars.

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