Add These 5 Backcountry Lodges on Your Bucket List of Activities

A backcountry lodge falls midway between glamping and bivouacing sites as one of our favorite places to spend a night in nature. In part because of their difficult access, these lodges are the perfect marriage of civilized and rugged, much like TINCUP Mountain Whiskey. Bottled in Colorado, TINCUP marries the spice of bourbon with the elegance of single malt. In partnership with TINCUP, here are five of the country’s most idyllic backcountry lodges-and the signature cocktails that capture the essence of each.

Tenth Mountain Division Huts, Colorado

Skiing is incredibly popular during the winter at this network of 34 backcountry huts that were developed in WWII as a training center for the 10th Mountain Division Army unit. The huts are open from May to October, making them a biker’s and hiker’s paradise. From Aspen to Vail, there are trails between the huts. While they are rustic, they have real beds, stoves, and charming cocktail porches.

Sour on the Colorado Campfire
In this summer-friendly cocktail, a campfire’s essence is combined with Colorado’s finest whiskeys.

The ingredients
1 oz TINCUP Mountain Whisky
1.5 oz of fresh lemon juice
The maple syrup should be 1 oz
1 rosemary sprig

The first three ingredients should be added to a shaker. Burn the rosemary and add it to the fire. For 30 seconds, seal the shaker so that smoke is infused into the cocktail. Pour over ice in a rocks glass and garnish with the burned rosemary. Shake and strain into a rocks glass.

Aquarius Huts in Utah

With its towering 11,306-foot Brian Head Peak and deep, dusty Red Canyon, the Dixie National Forest is a place of extremes. A 190-mile mountain biking route connects the five new Aquarius Huts with this lush wilderness. Showers, solar power, kitchens with refrigerator, bathrooms, and huge decks are available in the huts. The routes from hut to hut are either singletrack trails or gravel routes that are suitable for EMTBs. Whether you ride on your own or in a group, you’ll cover about 30 miles a day between Brian Head Resort and Bryce Canyon National Park. Stay in different huts every night for six nights as you cycle the entire 190-mile route.

Cherry bomb
The Utah cherry crop makes this cocktail a perfect summer refresher after a long day of biking, even if you aren’t a fan of cherries.

Five cherries (pitted)
Slices of 2 lemons
Bourbon TINCUP 10 2.5 oz
The amount is 1 tablespoon. Beehive state (Utah is also known as honey state.)

In a shaker, combine the cherries and lemon juice until the cherries are broken into small pieces. Add honey, bourbon, and ice. Be sure to shake well. Fill a tall glass with ice and strain into it.

Photo Credit: Drew Smith (Instagram: @_drew_smith_)

Lodges of the Green Mountain Club in Vermont

One of Vermont’s oldest clubs is based in Vermont’s Green Mountains, which feature a handful of historic cabins. Even though the cabins are primitive (they don’t have running water or electricity), they’ve been recently restored so they’re clean and fitted with everything you need for a backcountry adventure. Within Mount Mansfield State Forest, Bryant Camp offers hiking and cross-country trails right outside the door, including the Vermont Long Trail.

Authentic Maple-Old-Fashioned
Old-fashioneds and Vermont maple syrup are both legendary. For the perfect Green Mountain sipper, blend the two with TINCUP’s Rye.

Two ounces of TINCUP Rye
One tablespoon. Maple syrup from Vermont
Add 2 dashes of Angostura bitters
Garnish with orange peel

In a rocks glass, mix the first three ingredients and stir until the syrup has dissolved. Serve with an orange peel garnish and a large ice cube.

Washington, Rendezvous Huts

The Methow Valley is a cross-country skier’s dream, and the five Rendezvous Huts, connected by 200 kilometers of groomed trails managed by the Methow Trails Association, make the most of it. You can even lighten your ski in load with the club’s freight-hauling service in the winter. All five huts are open during the summer and the area becomes a hiking and biking destination. A wood-fired stove is provided in each hut’s kitchen.

Apple of Washington
Around the shadow of Washington’s Cascade Mountains, apple orchards cover more than 175 thousand acres. With this recipe, RYE’s spice is combined with apple schnapps’ sweetness.

1 ounce TINCUP Rye
Apple schnapps, 1 oz
Cranberry juice, 1 oz
For garnish, slice an apple

In a cocktail shaker, put all four ingredients. Shake vigorously. Put an apple wedge on the rim of a martini glass after it has been shaken.

South Carolina’s Edisto River Treehouses

The Edisto river is more than just black water; it lives and thrives. In addition to creating its distinctive color, the Edisto is home to a unique ecosystem composed of flora and fauna, as well as tannins leaching into the water from decaying vegetation. Camping in a treehouse above the river adds to the surreal adventure of paddling through the black-water river. Kayak 13 miles through the cypress jungle and climb one of three treehouses, each with a kitchen, porch with grill, and view of the river below, as well as access to hiking trails on 100 acres of private land along the river.

Smashes of sweet tea
South Carolina is known for its sweet tea. The decadent cocktail uses TINCUP’s 10 year aged bourbon to enjoy this local delicacy.

Lemon wedges, 2
Four mint leaves
A TINCUP 10 oz
1 teaspoon. Straga (an Italian spiced liqueur)
Tea, unsweetened, 1 oz
1 tablespoon. agave or cane syrup
Garnish with mint sprigs

In the bottom of a shaker, muddle together the lemon wedges and mint leaves. Shake together all of the remaining ingredients (excluding the garnish). Serve with a sprig of mint in a tall glass over fresh ice.

TINCUP® is a traditional American Whiskey, reduced to proof with Rocky Mountain water and bottled at 5,251 feet in elevation. Tin Cup, CO, a historic mining town situated in the Rockies known for the tin whiskey cups from which the miners drank, is the inspiration for TINCUP®. American Whiskey, Straight Rye, and 10-Year Aged are the three varieties available. Visit or follow @tincupwhiskey on Twitter for additional information.

TINCUP Whiskey TINCUP Whiskey TINCUP Whiskey TINCUP Whiskey Whiskey Colorado, Denver. Please use caution when consuming TINCUP Whiskey.

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