Casetify Compostable Phone Case Is Smart Protection

After upgrading your phone, what do you do with your case? You aren’t doing much to help the environment if you just throw it in the trash. Isn’t it nice if you don’t have to throw out your phone cases after you’ve finished them all? That’s why Casetify has introduced their new line of Ultra Compostable phone cases.

I’ve always thrown the old case away or left it collecting dust every time I had to replace one. You can throw away your old phone case with confidence, knowing you are helping reduce waste by using Casetify. The packaging and the case itself are both 100 percent compostable.

In addition, the packaging is 100 percent eco-friendly and is made with a plant-based material. The product was unveiled earlier this summer. Toxic components of the ink are not found in the ink. As well as floral designs, you’ll find Instagram-worthy pictures and graphic art on the cases. My ideal phone case is one where I have many options to choose from. Adding your name and cool lettering detail can show off your personality in true Casetify fashion.

A new line of eco-friendly cases is a step forward for the retailer in its eco-friendly picks for phones. Wesley Ng, CEO and Cofounder of Casetify, says the world’s importance lies just as much in what you do with it. “The Ultra Compostable Case provides the best protection and style for your device, while offering earth-friendly materials.”

The cases range from $40 to $55 (depending on your smartphone model). The material was surprisingly sturdy after testing a few over a few weeks. I dropped my phone on two of them, and neither flimsy nor suffered any visible damage (they are 6.6-feet drop-proof). The surface also cleaned up quite easily. Considering the plant-based material, these were easy to keep in good condition since I don’t usually clean my cases. The water doesn’t soak into the case if you leave them near the sink or accidentally set them down on a damp surface (which I often do). Not to mention that I can also attach my PopSocket to my phone to better grip it when taking selfies.

There isn’t much of a difference between them and a few standard Casetify cases in terms of look and functionality. In either case, your phone is adequately protected. In addition, some of the Ultra High Impact cases have an anti-microbial coating to help keep bacteria at bay. Nevertheless, they use only half the eco-friendly materials as the compostable cases. Aside from that, it is impossible to tell at first glance which is a greener option. Each of them is high quality, sturdy, and can be wirelessly charged. You may want to avoid this if you’re searching for a thin style case. They are relatively thick around the edges.

However, I have not yet tested the compostability of these cases, but I can say that these are some of the strongest and most durable I have had. As a frequent buyer of phone cases, I do appreciate the variety of styles available at Caseify-it has yet to disappoint. The compostable cases are an excellent option for those who prefer a snug and secure fit for their smartphones, yet also feel good about giving back to the environment.

If you’re interested in getting one for yourself, both Apple and Samsung products are currently available.

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