Coffee blended into Blume Latte blends is full of benefits

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I drink what may be considered “elevated” coffee by many coffee purists out there. My heart leaps for joy when I see a menu board with vanilla rose lattes or honey hibiscus iced coffee (yes, even before I have consumed any caffeine). Zhuzhed-up coffee, when properly prepared, can be not only a delicious pick-me-up but an all-encompassing sensory experience, as well as an opportunity for self-care.

The cost of this habit can also add up quickly. The going rate for flavored lattes is around $7 a cup. So if you drink it every day, you’d spend $210 a month. In addition to being tasty, fancy lattes aren’t particularly nutrient-dense; the syrups are full of sugar, and when combined with the umpteen espresso shots, they’re going to leave you feeling groggy for hours. Who should fancy coffee drinkers turn to? Blume latte blends can fill that gap.

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Think Matcha Coconut, Cacao Turmeric, and Rose London Fog with the powdered drink company’s tastes: even popular cafes will envy it. These ‘fairy dusts’ (as I see them) are ready for blending to make a decadent latte or tea – with or without caffeine. Unlike beverages made with syrup, Blume powders are packed with nutrients and made from natural ingredients.

Blue Lavender ($21) consists of lavender, coconut milk, and blue spirulina and is my favorite Blume blend. Having it with warm oat milk in the evening is how I wind down before bed. Since lavender works so well at calming anxiety, it’s popularly referred to as a “plant for peace.”

Watch the video below to learn about more herbs for anxiety:

Spirulina, the blue algae in the blended drink, is a complete source of nutrients. In this extract, minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and iron have been proven to support sound sleep. Besides its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, blue spirulina can also reduce blood pressure.

What do you think about a stress-relieving and soothing alternative to high-sugar syrups?

In addition, I’ve discovered that making lavender lattes is meditative and adds to the moment. As soon as the oat milk is heated on the stove, I add the matcha powder to it using a whisk and bowl. The aroma starts to relax me as soon as the powder combines with the milk. In the past few years, I’ve come to enjoy the process as much as the drink itself.

If you prefer, you can simply mix Blue Lavender with your cold brew coffee to give it a little caffeine kick in the morning. A cup of coconut coffee compliments your morning cup of joe perfectly due to its smooth, creamy taste. To get anti-inflammatory benefits from your breakfast, add the blend to overnight oats, chia pudding, energy balls, smoothies, or fruit smoothies.

I typically pay much more at my local cafe for a similar latte — about two dollars. I like Blume’s latte blend bags because they come with 30 servings, so the price is about 70 cents for one serving. These stress-reducing self-care habits are cheaper and more healthful than you would expect. My next step is to figure out what blend to try.

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