College’s Top 10 Shower Caddies in 2021

The basic shower caddy is one of the most iconic (is that the proper word?) dorm room staples. Living in a dorm means showering in a common bathroom for those without the luxury of a private bathroom, which means lugging shower basics like hydrating shampoo, moisturising body wash, and shaving cream to and from the shower every time you want to bathe.

The shower caddy comes in handy in this situation. Instead of scrambling to get your bathing materials to the bathroom (or worse—forgetting your new razor and having to make the dreaded towel-run down the hall to collect it…), a shower caddy allows you to easily store and transport your basics from shower to shower.

These long-lasting baskets are usually made of waterproof or water-resistant materials, such as mesh or plastic, and are designed to be placed directly in the shower while bathing. Your shower caddy acts as a portable shower kit, giving you everything you need to get squeaky clean without the hassle. No more juggling bottles of body soap while trying to keep your towel tied, no more worrying about hallmates stealing your shampoo—your shower caddy acts as a portable shower kit, giving you everything you need to get squeaky clean without the hassle.

A solid, tough shower caddy is a requirement for going back to school, whether you’re heading to the dorms yourself this autumn or shopping for your favourite student.

The top ten shower caddies for college students

$13.00 Casabella Grey Flexible Shower Basket

Do you need a dorm shower caddy that can survive the wild west? Meet The Container Store’s adaptable basket. It’s made of malleable plastic that allows water to drain off—and through—the caddy itself, preventing your toiletries from becoming waterlogged. Its gripping handle and built-in separator are also the epitome of “convenience.”

$16.00 iDesign Orbz Bathroom Shower Tote

For its durability and elegance, this stylish shower caddy has received over 2,800 5-star ratings on Amazon. It has drainage holes on the sides and bottom, as well as deep, split portions that make it easy to store your favourite shampoo, conditioner, shaving butter, and other products. Black, white, grey, coral, mint green, and pink are among the colours available.

Shower Caddy Tote with 7 Pockets — $9.00

If plastic doesn’t appeal to you, consider this mesh tote caddy, which is also available on Amazon. It has seven extra-large sections for plenty of storage and organisation. It’s also easy to transport or hang up thanks to the canvas handle, so it’s always within reach. Grey, black, aqua, and hot pink are all options.

$19.00 Dormify Pop-Up Shower Caddy

Are you short on space both inside and outside the shower? This round shower caddy from Dormify actually opens up and folds down, so it can be conveniently stowed when not in use, saving you room. It has two handles: a wristlet (for when it’s folded) and a standard strap. It’s made of mesh, which makes it waterproof and quick-drying.

$29.00 PB Teen Recycled Classic Shower Caddy

PB Teen’s variant is created from recycled plastic water bottles, making it a more environmentally friendly alternative to regular shower caddies. It has a deep, central bucket surrounded by several pockets, all of which are large enough to hold enormous bath goods like giant soap bottles, bulk shampoo, and body brushes. Choose from chevron and white marble designs, as well as a variety of current colours and patterns.

$20.00 Simply Essential Large Shower Tote

With this extra roomy shower tote from Bed Bath & Beyond, you’ll never forget any bath or body goods again. The mesh bag has several pockets on the inside and outside, as well as an extra mesh storage bag for tiny items like razors and hair ties. Grey and black are both options.

Small Personal Organizer Toiletry Bag by L.L. Bean — $25.00

This shower caddy also functions as a toiletry bag, allowing you to transport your favourite bath and cosmetic goods from the dorm to the next level. It has water-resistant materials that dry quickly, as well as numerous zippers and pockets for easy storage. It also comes in a variety of sizes, so if you have a lot of shower things, you might want to get a bigger bag.

$5.00 SALT 2-in-1 Portable Shower Caddy

This lightweight caddy is not only inexpensive ($5), but it is also really useful. Each basket has a little pop-out basket that nestles inside the bigger one. Take both on days when you want to be spotless. When you only need a fast rinse? With the smaller caddy, you can pack light.

$17.00 mDesign Plastic Utility Caddy Tote

This Amazon shower caddy combines function and beauty. It’s tough enough to carry all your shower essentials day in and day out, with two separate containers and one durable handle. It comes in a variety of stylish colour combinations, including mint/silver and clear/rose gold.

$7.00 The Big One Plastic Shower Caddy

This 2-and-in plastic shower caddy does the job well. It has ample room to hold soaps, shampoos, shaving creams, hair stylers, and anything else you would need for a clean, pleasant bath. Grey, silver, lavender, and turquoise are all options.

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