Do Libido Supplements To Natural Contents Work? Here’s How Humans Work

There’s a supplement for almost anything these days, from getting rid of unattractive grey hair and reducing PMS symptoms to assisting you in falling asleep. However, a new class of such substances has just emerged to aid in the optimization of your sex life: natural libido supplements. These treatments, which come in the shape of over-the-counter tablets, candies, and functional beverages, claim to increase sex drive by employing all-natural ingredients—but do they work?

The simple answer is that they might be worth a go, at least in terms of arousal stimulation. To get a better grasp of how sex pills might improve your sex life, you must first understand the difference between libido and arousal. According to herbalist Ezza Valdez, vice president of strategy and business development at The Alchemist’s Kitchen, a botanical-medicine boutique in New York City, “libido is a complicated interplay of various neurotransmitters and hormones.” “Arousal refers to the physiological changes that occur as a result of libido stimulation, such as erection, vaginal lubrication, and genital sensitivity.”

“Arousal refers to the physiological changes that occur as a result of libido stimulation, such as erection, vaginal lubrication, and genital sensitivity.” —Ezza Valdez, herbalist

Sex pills, on the other hand, target a short stimulating effect rather than a long-term libido-boosting benefit, and they accomplish it by incorporating a few key classical aphrodisiacs.

Blood flow to sexual organs is one of the most important aspects of arousal for both men and women, according to Valdez. This is accomplished by the release of nitric oxide, a molecule that causes blood vessels to dilate (aka widen). Because the body produces nitric oxide from nitrates in meals, herbs high in nitrates and other synergistic components may help to enhance blood flow and, as a result, arousal levels. These are some of the most important elements in natural libido pills, which can also affect hormone levels and mood (both of which figure big in arousal).

Continue reading for a breakdown of each of the aphrodisiacs that are most typically found in today’s natural libido supplements.

Look for the following herbal aphrodisiacs in a sex supplement:


Maca is a root that grows in the Andes mountains and has long been thought to be a natural source of sexual enhancement. According to Ayurvedic expert Sahara Rose, author of Discover Your Dharma, maca may aid with harmonising disturbed hormones (which can be a cause of sexual dysfunction) and, as a result, improve sexual desire.

However, it’s also plausible that maca has a mood-altering impact on its own, which might lead to an increase in arousal. One research of men found that individuals who took 1,500 or 3,000 mg of maca for eight weeks had increased sexual desire (interestingly, without any observable changes in testosterone levels). Another research of menopausal women discovered that taking 3,500 milligrammes of maca for six weeks reduced symptoms of not just sexual dysfunction but also anxiety and despair.


Damiana, a flowering shrub native to Mexico and Central America, may increase stamina and general energy levels, which, according to Sahara, may help alleviate depression symptoms. Turnera, the shrub’s genus, includes a considerable quantity of flavonoids and caffeine in its natural state. However, while an animal study supports this mechanism’s effect on re-arousal after sexual exhaustion, additional human research is needed to figure out how it affects sex desire in general.

It’s also worth noting that a short study on the effects of a damiana-containing sex supplement in people who identify as women discovered a notable result: Approximately 74% of women who took the supplement reported an increase in overall sexual satisfaction, compared to 34% of those who took the placebo—though it’s unclear whether the damiana would have this effect on its own, or only in combination with other ingredients in the supplement, such as ginseng and gingko.


Although ashwagandha, an evergreen shrub native to India, Africa, and the Middle East, has a more indirect influence on arousal, it’s frequently included in natural libido supplements due to its wide range of advantages. “It improves blood circulation and stimulation, and its adaptogenic characteristics aid to reduce stress levels,” Sahara explains.

In fact, a study of 64 patients with chronic stress revealed that taking 600 mg of ashwagandha root extract daily for 60 days resulted in a considerable reduction in cortisol (also known as the stress hormone) levels in the blood. And, as a wandering or busy brain can make both arousal and orgasm more difficult, reducing stress can be a big gain in terms of sexual enjoyment.

It’s also worth noting that ashwagandha has the ability to boost testosterone levels (and so improve sexual function) in males who have a penis. Supplementing with 5,000 milligrammes of ashwagandha root daily for three months not only resulted in a significant decline in stress-related cortisol levels, but also enhanced testosterone levels and improved semen quality in a small trial of 60 adults with a penis dealing with fertility.

Choosing an aphrodisiac supplement (and how much to take)

While herbal aphrodisiacs may increase sexual excitement when taken as a supplement, their benefits vary from person to person and are most noticeable when used on a regular basis. According to Valdez, plant medicine works best when body composition and absorption are taken into account. “And most plant medications have a sub-perceptual effect with long-term benefits.”

Many natural libido pills on the market combine more than one of the aphrodisiac herbs listed above, as well as other naturally calming substances like CBD, to assist boost their benefits. “Most formulations start with a primary ‘call to action,’ and then add secondary herbal components to assist them reach their full potential,” Valdez explains.

According to Valdez, the amount of libido-boosting supplement or natural aphrodisiac to take in order to see results depends on your age, weight, sleep pattern, and lifestyle, among other things. “I always recommend that clients begin with a low dosage, then moderate and manage an increase based on how they feel.”

While none of the studies mentioned above showed any notable negative effects from these herbs, it’s still a good idea to consult a doctor before incorporating any supplement into your daily regimen. Herbal supplements can interfere with other prescriptions you’re taking, and aren’t always a good idea depending on your underlying health issues.

With that in mind, stay reading for a round-up of aphrodisiac-rich candies, tablets, and other supplements, in case your sex life could use a natural boost.

6 herbal libido supplements with aphrodisiac properties:

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