Elastic Bounce Hair Cream Review by Bread Beauty Supply

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In order to find a product that moisturizes my curls – without weighing them down and actually being good for my hair – I’ve experimented with countless products over the years. The majority of what I have purchased has been things I regret purchasing (and some I have loved). With the Bread Beauty Supply Elastic Bounce Leave-in Conditioning Styler Hair Cream ($28), I’ve added yet another styling product to my arsenal of curly hair products to guarantee good hair days. My regret is that I didn’t find this product sooner.


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As a fan of wash-and-gos, braid outs, and even slicked-back buns — all of my favorite hairstyles — this multi-purpose leave-in intrigued me. To achieve these looks, I normally use multiple products, so I was pleasantly surprised when I used this leave-in as my only product outside of the shower.

The bouncy glow is achieved with quinoa protein, mango butter, and caprylic triglycerides, which not only protect from moisture loss but also revitalize and repair hair. You won’t have to use multiple products to style your hair with this styler and treatment.

In my experience, this cream is extremely light and can barely be felt when applied to the hair. Having previously used products that felt and looked similar, I applied a lot after washing my hair, and it left my hair looking weighed down. My wash-and-go was perfect once it dried a few days later with much less product. In spite of the natural frizz in my hair (a rarity), I had no crunchiness or stickiness.

Once again, I loved how this leave-in looked with a braid-out. My hair was moisturized, my waves were defined and voluminous, and it was the only product I had to use.

My hair looks nice when I use this hair cream, and it keeps my curls healthy as well. My curly girls stamp of approval is on this one, and I would 10/10 recommend it to other curly girls.

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