Embrace fall with Brooklinen’s Paths Blanket

It’s impossible to have too many cozy goods for fall. There’s no such thing as “too much cozy” when it comes to candles that transform your house into a peaceful sanctuary or cozy slippers that treat tired feet.

Are there any other autumn accessories you must have? Covers. Easy to throw on a couch or chair, they’re functional and cute. There’s no better blanket for fall than the Brooklinen x Pendleton Paths Blanket ($350) by Pendleton.

Brooklinen just launched its first exclusive product with Pendleton, the beloved blanket manufacturer. A warm throw is a good place to start when you’re preparing for rainy and chilly days.

If you’re unfamiliar with Pendleton, let me tell you a little about it. Wool blankets, throws, and textiles are made by Pendleton Woolen Mills since 1863. Fabrics are made entirely at the brand’s mills in the Pacific Northwest, which have become legends in textile manufacturing. A Pendleton blanket stays in the family for 15 years, but it’s a brand that’s easy to recognize (most of its patterns can be identified as Southwestern patterns) and can last for a long time.

With the Paths Blanket, Brooklinen has teamed up with the renowned textile brand-a vibrant change from the majority of Brooklinen’s linens that are neutral in color.

According to Brooklinen’s director of design and product development, Kate Elks, Pendleton’s weave capabilities and high quality product make it possible to create a unique design. “…we wanted to create an heirloom quality item with a Brooklinen aesthetic that blends pattern and color. The colors are rich and warm for fall, but crisp and bright enough to use through the spring, while the shapes are inspired by cityscapes and traditional quilt patterns.”

With Pendleton’s signature weave style and a geometric design, the blanket itself is breathtaking. In addition to being soft and warm, the rug is durable enough to last both day and night use. It is made out of 100% virgin wool and cotton. Although Brooklinen’s price tag is steep, its products provide great value, made of high-quality, hand-picked fabrics that last for years to come. This blanket will last you all the seasons when combined with Pendleton’s design practices.

Alternatively, Brooklinen also has a collection of equally cozy throw blankets that is lighter (and a bit more affordable).

Among the new blankets is the Color Field Wool Throw Blanket ($180), which is beautifully pigmented in rich shades of red, green, and orange. Another option is the Honeycomb Wool Blanket ($224), which features a textured wool pattern that’s as stylish as it is cozy. They are timeless accessories made of 100 percent wool and produced by family-owned mills in Germany.

Sincerely, we would like them all. You don’t have to wait for cozy season to get a head start just because it’s August. Fall is the perfect time to invest in a good blanket (or two).

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