Exfoliating pads from Skin Fix kill pimples instantly

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Several things are going wrong with my skin as summer winds down. My cat prancing across the pillow (which I don’t wash enough), or my dirty dermaplaning blade I re-used (twice). I have eclectic topography as a result of my skin’s congestion, flaking, and hyperpigmentation. I find it overwhelming to juggle a hundred products at once (while hoping they work together). It would be great if I could swipe across my skin with a Magic Eraser and it’d be gone!-new beginnings!

I found what I think is the next best thing (PSA cleaning products aren’t skin care!) SkinFix AHA/BHA Exfoliating Pads ($50). In fact, similar to actual Magic Erasers (or Skura sponges! ), they can treat a variety of skin conditions. Does Whitehead exist? Who has blackheads? Are you flaky? There’s more to come. The science behind magic can be found below.


There are three separate methods of skin-sloughing in SkinFix AHA/BHA exfoliating disks. These pads contain chemicals that exfoliate the skin, including beta hydroxy acid (BHA) and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). Physical exfoliation, the third exfoliating component, involves the pad’s texture: lightly abrasive, it scrubs dead, dull cells from the top layer of the skin. The team behind these pads covers many bases in one fell swoop for those who suffer from temperamental skin (help! I’m oily and flaky!).


To get a bit more detailed about this product’s ingredients: the formula includes five percent of glycolic and lactic acids, two types of AHA. Another noteworthy ingredient you’ll find is niacinamide, a B vitamin with brightening and soothing properties. Are there any things you won’t find? Some people are sensitive to certain ingredients (PEGs, for example) as well as fragrances. Since these pads have no fragrance, they have more of a clinical odor than a spa-like aroma. Nevertheless, I would still keep this product around for its “fresh-skin-fast” properties, even if it smells like my cat’s famous “treasure trove.”


To put things in context, chemical exfoliants cause me to tingle. The SkinFix pads have a slight “it’s working!” feeling to me. (During the summer I usually use a 30 percent glycolic acid peel twice a week.)Prickles that do not appear to burn. Your personal experience may vary, however, if you’re particularly sensitive to acids or new to them.

Additionally, they work fairly quickly. The smoothness and radiance of my skin have improved almost immediately. According to several Sephora customers, one of the pads completely shrunk a pimple on her back over night. Another, who uses the pads to treat hyperpigmentation, says the spots are now gone!”

Personally, I have still not noticed any visible difference in my hyperpigmentation (post-inflammatory). Over time, however, I am confident that these pads can help accomplish the task. My clogged pores have already been relieved of the oil, as the pads are quick to do their job. My plugged pores are noticeably less noticeable with a few swipes just before bed. You might want to consider picking up some SkinFix AHA/BHA pads for yourself if you don’t believe me. There’s a good chance they’ll be useful.

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