Frozen cucumbers can be used to reduce puffy skin

It’s true that sliced cucumbers make great tempering agents for spicy drinks and hydrating ingredients for salads and sandwiches, but frozen cucumbers also make a great skin toner.

Recent TikTok videos suggest that rubbing your face with a frozen cucumber in the morning will improve your facial skin. It fights puffiness, redness, acne, large pores, and dry or non-moisturized skin, says the blogger behind the TikTok video.

Cucumbers can be used on the face when they are frozen

Make a smooth, exposed surface by cutting the cucumber at one end. Place it in a plastic bag and place it in the freezer. You should avoid both freezer burn and cross-contamination since the chicken is cut and exposed.

Keeping your hands warm is hard when an uncut end of the pie is frozen, so wrap it in a paper towel once it’s frozen. Once you’ve cut the cucumber in half, rub the cut end over your face for some time. If it begins to thaw, simply slice off the end when you’re done in the morning and let it thaw again with a fresh surface.

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How effective are frozen cucumbers for your skin?

The reasoning behind a frozen cucumber is that it’s cool in nature, according to board certified dermatologist Erum N. Ilyas, MD. She adds that they have vitamin K, which is known to help increase circulation as well as cool the skin and reduce vascular congestion.

Cucumbers can also be frozen to benefit from the cooling effect. She explains, “This takes advantage of the science of lymphatics massage and the cold durability of the frozen cucumber surfaces to remove excess inflammation and fluid from the skin.”.

The accumulation of fluid in the soft tissues of the face and around the eyes can be exacerbated by allergens, rosacea, high blood pressure, and hormonal changes, she says. Having the fluid there for a long time will alter the texture of the skin on the face. The skin under your eyes may appear more prominent and deep or even like the peel of a citrus fruit, such as an orange.

The simple act of massaging the skin around the eyes in a circular motion can help reduce the look of bags in addition to medication,” she explains. A cucumber can also be used as a massage tool.

Known for their skin benefits, cucumbers are also very high in water, allowing them to freeze quite easily as well. As a result, the cut surface isn’t rough when it’s thawed and won’t irritate your skin. In addition, cucumbers contain many minerals and vitamins including potassium, B, and C.

I think it is okay to experiment with the hack and see if it yields similar results. She recommends chilling moisturizers in order to cool inflammation and redness in the skin before application. When using jade rollers or ice rollers on the skin, a similar concept is used.

These are the steps in a dermatologist’s skin-care routine:

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