Garnier’s $8 Shampoo Bar is Drew Barrymore’s favourite.

It’s always exciting to learn that a celebrity has ditched their high-end skincare serum or hair treatment in favour of a drugstore alternative. Jennifer Aniston recently confessed that her go-to moisturiser is Aveeno, not some pricey, personalised skin concoction made only by her dermatologist. Or when Priyanka Chopra said that she uses a $4 stick of Burt’s Bees Lip Balm to enhance her pout.

What’s the most recent example of “Celebrities! They’re just like us!”? Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo Bar ($8) is Drew Barrymore’s go-to plastic-free shampoo.

A cheerful Barrymore shows off an impressive before-and-after using Garnier’s inexpensive shampoo bar in her recent Instagram photo. And the outcomes are outstanding. Her hair is squeaky clean, alive with the proper amount of bounce, and appears nothing short of a designer style when she uses only the shampoo bar (no conditioner!). It also appears to be extremely soft.

The video begins with a severe case of bedhead. “It’s greasy, nasty, and unbrushed, and oh my goodness, I need a total makeover.” In the video, Barrymore complains before pulling out a slew of Garnier shampoo bars. One for fine-normal hair (“Oat Delicacy”), one for weak hair (“Ginger Recovery”), one for dry-damaged hair (“Honey Treasures”), and one for regular hair (“Normal Hair”) (“Coco and Aloe Vera”). She explains, “I believe that’s what they call’something for everyone.”

As she lathers up her hair in a delicious bubble bath, the following picture is giddy and absolutely charming (in classic Drew manner). While some shampoo bars can make getting a decent, scrubby wash difficult, it’s evident that Garnier’s version has no trouble frothing or foaming. As someone who was initially dubious, her video persuaded me to give this shampoo bar a chance.

The shampoo’s plastic-free package, which Barrymore points out mid-wash, is the actual standout feature. All four shampoo bars come in a 100 percent recyclable cardboard box, which is a more environmentally friendly alternative to standard plastic bottles. According to Garnier’s website, the shampoo is also excellent for the environment, as it is made mostly of plant-based components that are “97 percent biodegradable and dermatologist approved for safety.” Shampoo that is both beneficial for your hair and good for the environment? Please include us.

Finally, Drew’s “re-do” is shown, and the results are visible. We see her hair damp, and it appears to be incredibly silky right away. Her hair appears detangled despite not using a conditioner, making it easier for her to brush through. What’s really stunning, though, is when it’s dry. Her bedhead is turned into a salon-worthy tousled mane that doesn’t come with a designer price tag. Drew sings, “This is my hair, all beautiful and shining and clean.” “Thank you very much, Garnier.”

We’re sold on this celeb-endorsed shampoo bar for $8. “Thank you, Garnier,” Drew expresses his gratitude.

Get Garnier’s shampoo bars to wash your hair like Drew.

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