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Kelsey Lindell, a personal trainer and disability advocate, is here to help if you’ve ever wondered, “WTF am I supposed to be doing?,” during a barre class. She demos a 30-minute full-body barre workout in this episode of Trainer of the Month Club. Additionally, she offers some stellar tips along the way to help you achieve and maintain good form during the movements. (Is “My right glute at the moment feels like Madonna’s bra, with its pointy little cups, really the best way to describe how a glute bridge feels?)

A set of Bala Bangles ($42) can be used to spice up the workout, or you can simply use your body weight. Lindell is all about adapting her videos as necessary if you’ve watched other Trainer of the Month Club videos. As she said in the previous episode, “It doesn’t mean you can’t do the workout, it doesn’t mean you’re not strong enough. It means you’re listening to your body, and that’s how we get the strongest.” The way she works your body is equally on both sides. The rule of thumb I follow is that we want to make the sides of our bodies as even as possible to prevent injury, since I have only one thumb. Whatever you do on one side will translate to the other side.

The 30-minute workout will burn your entire body. In order to increase upper-body strength, you begin by using weights on your ankles and switch to your wrists halfway through the workout. To finish this workout, Lindell has created a clever visual that explains the wide glute bridge and some lunges. When I’m in this position, I imagine my belly to be a high-level vat of ice cream, or a pumpkin, and I’m scooping from my belly button towards my face. I’m carving out my belly in this posture,” she says. It’s important to pull your belly button under the rib cage with proper form to ensure your core is engaged.

Would you like to burn some calories and get your barre form perfected? Watch the video above to learn more.

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