Gut Health Foods Gastroenterologists Recommend

Gut health seems to be the focus of so many wellness conversations. As “the second brain” of the body, the microbiome affects more than just digestion; it influences everything from mood and energy to immunity and longevity. Gut health is extremely important according to nutrition experts.

Fermented foods boost good bacteria in your gut by boosting sugary and fried foods. It’s not all kefir and kombucha on the list of top foods gastroenterologists recommend. The following is a list of three top gastroenterologists’ favorite (non-fermented) foods.

These are the 6 gut-healthy foods gastroenterologists recommend you eat

1. Grassy greens

As a gastroenterologist and integrative medicine doctor, Marvin Singh, MD recommends leafy greens of all kinds. The fiber they contain is what makes Dr. Singh so fond of them. Fiber-rich foods promote gut health in many ways, including helping to kill off harmful bacteria.

2. Red sweet potato

Psychologist and author Vincent Pedre, MD, urges people to experiment with root vegetables and think outside of the box. His advice is to purchase starchy root vegetables at Latin supermarkets, which build a diverse gut microbiome. Besides having a slightly different nutritional profile, they also add diversity to the gut when prepared as you would other potatoes.

There are a lot of reasons to root for potatoes:

3. Broth of bones

A rich source of collagen, bone broth is appreciated by Dr. Singh for its health benefits. In the beauty world, collagen is regarded as a buzzy ingredient because it smooths wrinkles from the outside in. Interestingly, collagen is also beneficial for your gut, which improves digestion.

4. Sardinines

In addition to being anti-inflammatory, wild salmon and sardines are also important for a healthy gut, according to Dr. Pedre. Sardines (and wild salmon) are also excellent sources of nutrient, but they’re less expensive.

5. Rice with turmeric

Dr. Pedre is a big fan of turmeric due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Whenever possible, he incorporates it into his cooking. Rice infused with turmeric is a fiber-rich source of super spice.

6. Attorneys

The avocado always makes it onto top healthy foods lists, doesn’t it? The high fiber content of avocados is great for gut health, as well as the many other nutrients they contain, says Jacob Skeans, MD, a gastroenterologist at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center.

Have you ever wondered what avocados are? Consider this:

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