Hair stays healthy with Gisou Honey Infused Conditioner

It’s easy to notice the pretty facade of the Gisou Honey Conditioner ($34) at first glance. This unique brand appeals to everyone and is an aspirational yet universal take on the “cool girl” that brands like Glossier and Ouai embody. Additionally, Gisou is more than just a pretty face, as is the case with brands of its kind. Honey, one of the brands’ specialties and raison d’etre, is incorporated into many of the products. Quite rightly so.

A good example would be Honey Conditioner from the brand. As well as being known for its ability to detangle, it is also well known for its soft, silky, and smooth texture. One key ingredient is responsible for all of these qualities: honey. In fact, the sweet treat also nourishes strands, in addition to its skin benefits. Humectants (citizens of air that absorb moisture) like honey are humectants. The brand notes on its website that honey does this by maintaining the hair’s natural moisture balance. Carla Marina Marchese, founder of Red Bee Honey previously explained to Well + Good why, exactly this is: “Honey is moisture-grabbing because it’s a supersaturated solution, meaning the bees mix a lot of sugars into a little bit of water,” she shared, “So [honey] is always trying to grab water from the air to balance out the sugar”

Amino acids are also found in honey, making it a valuable source of protein for healthy hair. (You’ll sometimes find wheat-derived amino acids in conditioning products for this reason). The conditioner itself is remarkably lightweight. If you’re looking to avoid weighing down your hair, it’s not an issue. The Gisou Hair Mask ($54) would be attractive if you enjoy rich, thick hair masks and/or if your hair feels thirsty. In a similar manner to the Honey Conditioner, the Hair Mask also aims to strengthen and nourish. (Tip: If you use both the conditioner and hair mask, use the hair mask first. According to the brand, shampoo opens the cuticles, conditioner penetrates, and the mask seals it all in.)

This conditioner has an appealing scent as well as a silky, glossy appearance. (Imagine the most delicious honey-centric scent possible, then multiply that by five.) For people who love the scent of honed hair: try the brand’s Hair Perfume, which allows for a quick touch-up without drying out the hair. That’s pretty sweet, isn’t it?

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