Helping West Coast wildfire survivors

For decades, scientists and environmentalists have worked relentlessly to raise awareness about climate change and the urgent need to act in order to prevent global warming. Unfortunately, politicians and people all across the world have ignored their advise for just as long, and climate change is now officially here, according to the world’s best scientists. If you need proof, go no further than the wildfires that have displaced thousands of people, uprooted entire communities, and continue to burn at historic rates in California, Washington, and Oregon. However, you may assist.

It’s never too late to ramp up your personal sustainability efforts, but now is the ideal time to assist those in the West who are already feeling the effects of climate change.

The greatest ways to assist wildfire survivors on the West Coast

1. Assist the Red Cross in their relief operations.

You can volunteer if you have the time and are in close vicinity to the fires. Alternatively, you may make a one-time or monthly monetary donation.

If you’ve been displaced by the wildfires, go to to learn about available accommodation and donation options.

2. Make a donation to the Wildfire Relief Fund of the California Community Foundation.

This fund “supports intermediate and long-term recovery efforts, as well as preparedness initiatives, for significant California wildfires.” Donors can choose to make one-time, monthly, quarterly, or annual contributions.

3. Make a donation to the California Fire Foundation (California Fire Foundation).

The charity intends to help those who have been displaced by wildfires as soon as possible. Donations will help them distribute $250 gift cards to those in need.

You do not need to apply for this aid if you have been relocated. During calamities, firefighters will hand out cards to those who are eligible.

4. Help RedRover by making a donation.

The California wildfires have not only displaced people, but also pets. Donate to RedRover, an organisation dedicated to “moving animals from crisis to care,” to help reunite abandoned pets with their families. You can also volunteer to foster animals in their time of need if you’re a local animal lover.

5. Use Airbnb to provide housing for displaced families.

“You can stand up for your community in an emergency by offering persons in crisis a place to stay,” according to the website. Please click here to offer your home to displaced families.

If you’ve been displaced by the flames, you can apply for emergency housing on an Airbnb page dedicated to the situation.

6. Participate in World Central Kitchen.

As vital as assisting displaced families is, so is assisting the firefighters and other emergency workers who are working relentlessly to put out these fires. You can keep them nourished and fed throughout the process by donating to World Central Kitchen.

7. Support the Latino Community Foundation by making a donation.

The Reactivation of the 2020 Relief Fund is intended to assist Latino-led organisations that are assisting families who have been displaced by the current California wildfires. One-time, monthly, quarterly, and yearly contributions are all available to donors.

Considering this:

As beneficial as it may appear to go out and buy a lot of non-perishable food and clothing in order to support survivors of the West Coast wildfires, relief agencies can often become overwhelmed. As a result, before making an unsolicited donation, make sure to examine what your chosen charity requires.

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