Here’s a hack that works for military showers

I worked out in military style this morning. It took me about 29 more minutes than I could bear to endure 30 grueling minutes of sled pushing, wall hangs, and burpees. I then gave my sweat-stained body a military-style clean-up in the “tactical shower” after it was over.

The tactical shower involves wiping the body down with a wipe, then (maybe) applying deodorant and sunscreen and calling it a day. It is common for active-duty service members to find themselves in conditions where maintaining personal hygiene is more difficult, says Justin Guilbert, co-founder of Bravo Sierra, a line of grooming products designed for (and tested by) military personnel. Therefore, when soldiers are in the field, showers are rarely available, so they are forced to make do with a “tactical shower” instead of a full lather-and-rinse routine.

As a rule, military personnel used baby wipes to get the job done, however they’re not exactly the most suitable for adults, as anyone who has ever tried to wash their body with a baby wipe knows.

Gilbert developed a bathing cloth that kills bacteria and allergens on the entire body, enabling a full-body “tactical shower”. Guilbert says the device had to be sturdy enough to clean between toes, large enough to clean a body, and strong enough to kill BO bacteria while cleansing, soothing, and locking moisture in.

While I rarely compare my post-workout, no-shower needs to military personnel (not even close), I was delighted when Guilbert let me know that the wonder of Bravo Sierra Antibacterial Body Wipes ($10) could be tailored to fit my 9-to-5 lifestyle.

In the summer, New York City can be brutal, according to Guilbert. Fast-paced life that integrates working out and working hard puts the body under a lot of stress. The tactical shower is a great example of how cross-over can benefit those who are unable to shower after a sweaty workout or subway ride.”

I still use the “tactical shower” after every workout (and whenever I’m not feeling like showering).

When you do have time to shower, do it like a dermatologist:

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