Here’s how one herbalist starts her day

Each day begins with a fresh start. An opportunity to move beyond yesterday’s worries and focus on today. Rachelle Robinett spends her mornings taking care of herself, getting nutrients, working out, and journaling.

Founder of Brooklyn’s Supernatural café and shop, Robinett says, “my morning routine actually starts the night before because I want to get enough sleep. I then want to have enough time to move through the morning without rushing,” she explained. As a result, I leave a little bit of space in the morning so I don’t add unnecessary stress or anxiety. Since I work for myself, I have much more freedom to choose my day’s start time whenever I like.

A new episode of Plant-Based, a series on the Well+Good YouTube channel, shares what Robinett does in the morning so you can get some ideas for revamping your own morning routine. Her routine may sound idyllic, but most people don’t have such a flexible lifestyle as she does. You can incorporate anything that resonates with you in a sustainable way as you read the routine below. You can find all the details in the video above.

Here is a herbalist’s morning routine in six steps

1. Use a toner or water to refresh the face

I use water or toner to freshen my face after I open the curtains when I wake up,” says Robinett. As Step Four of her routine consists of a workout, she does not thoroughly wash her face right away because it will become sweaty shortly afterwards. She may need to drink a little water or use some toner to feel more energized.

2. Drink a lot of water and supplements

After that, I head down to the kitchen and fill up a quart-sized mason jar with water. With her water, Robinett says, “I drink a lot of water first thing in the morning, so I get a third of my daily goal accomplished right away.” Because Robinett is an herbalist, she tries everything. In addition to taking a mix of supplements that supports hormone balance, gut health, energy, mood, and cognition every three to six months, she also eats a healthy diet.

3. Get in shape

A workout follows, which is almost always part of Robinett’s routine. “It’s a non-negotiable for me,” she says. Exercise is so important to me mentally, so I take those supplements before exercise and then exercise in a fasted state.

4. Blend up some smoothies

As Robinett makes smoothies, she alters the ingredients according to her needs. Smoothie recipes for skin health, increasing fiber intake, and decreasing stress can be found on her website.

5. Prepare herbal tea

Following that, she mixes some of Rasa’s herbal adaptogenic coffee alternative ($29) with homemade cold brew coffee (which can be heated if she likes it hot). “We have some prebiotic seeds, a bunch of blends that include adaptogens, so they help with stress levels [and] energy levels, some functional mushrooms, and then a little cacao,” Robinett says. So I’m getting energy support and I’m improving my body’s ability to deal with stress and energy depletion at the same time.”

6. Keep a journal of your time spent

Next, she drinks her herbal coffee and sits outside if it’s nice while doing her morning pages or journal. This is a time to think, be at peace, and prepare for the day ahead. I just carve out a few minutes for myself, a few minutes to connect with my body and mind as well. Doing that, to be present, can be enormously beneficial.”

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