How Does Uranus Retrograde in 2021 Mean for Your Zodiac?

Uranus enters retrograde on Thursday, August 19, and will remain there until January 22, 2022. It’ll be joined by its outer-planet counterparts, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto, who are all in a backspin of their own. Because the outer planets tend to correspond to social (rather than individual) action and change, all of this retrograde activity indicates that we are entering a period of societal slowdown and turning inward.

According to astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides, the addition of Uranus to the retrograde mix creates a powerful push-pull energy “between the personal planets—which propel us to take action, speak our minds, and make connections—and the slower-moving outer planets—which are now doubling down on urging caution and deeper reflection on our wants, needs, and motivations.”

“Taking the time to sit with outer changes or unforeseen events that have thrown us off balance this year is what the Uranus retrograde in 2021 is all about.” Maria Sofia Marmanides, astrologer

Uranus rules over innovation, change, and disruption for the sake of progress, according to astrologer Rachel Lang, author of the upcoming book Modern Day Magic, so as it moves backward, its retrograde cycle could shed new light on various evolutionary forces of the past few months, or encourage us to reckon with them in new ways. “The Uranus retrograde in 2021 is about taking the time to sit with exterior changes or unexpected happenings that have thrown us off balance this year and focus on whatever unease or discomfort that they may have stirred up inside of us,” Marmanides explains.

Because Uranus is currently transiting through Taurus in reverse, the effects of this Uranus retrograde will vary based on whatever astrological house (called arena of life) Taurus reigns over for those born under that sign. With that in mind, continue reading for advice from Marmanides and Lang on what energetic shifts the forthcoming Uranus retrograde may bring to your sign.

According to astrologers, the Uranus retrograde will emerge differently for each zodiac sign:


The passage of Uranus in your second house of finances and resources raises new financial concerns for you, Aries. “If you’ve been worried about your financial circumstances changing, now is the time to address the root cause of your concern,” says Lang. Perhaps you’ve been considering a career change but have been hesitant owing to financial concerns. In that scenario, examine whether there are any new financial opportunities to pursue so that you aren’t stuck in a job that doesn’t please you, advises Marmanides.


As the planet cycles back through your sign in 2021, the Uranus retrograde could reverberate through your core identity. With that in mind, Taurus, it’s a good idea to loosen up your fixed-sign energy, which is resistant to change.

“This retrograde is a good moment to work through your apprehensions about letting go,” Lang explains. Consider how you can let go of any aspects of your life that aren’t in line with your genuine self, whether at work, at home, or in your social life.


As Uranus enters your 12th house of the unconscious, which governs our dreams, inner life, and secrets, you may have an emotional or spiritual awakening. “This shift may challenge you to…figure out where you might be getting in your own way,” Marmanides says. According to Lang, a solo retreat or trip could aid you in this stage of your personal development.


Uranus may put your friendships under the microscope, allowing you to examine and face if your loved ones, colleagues, and acquaintances are keeping their end of the relationship agreement. “You’re recognised for your warmth and compassion, as well as providing a shoulder to cry on,” Marmanides says, “but do your friends reciprocate as much as they receive from you?” As Uranus enters your 11th house of community, you may be encouraged to rethink the depth you desire from your social circle and come up with new ways to obtain it.


“With Uranus in Taurus, your career is the part of your life that is most in flux, and as it retrogrades, you may doubt the decisions you’ve made in the last several years,” says Lang. While figuring out what you want to do for a livelihood may entail starting a job hunt, it may also need rethinking how you approach your current job so that you’re living to work rather than working to live. You might be able to find inventive methods to feel more content in your current employment if you think outside the box, says Lang.


Uranus enters your ninth house of travel and study, triggering a strong desire for adventure that may be hard to act on due to typical work and household obligations, as well as the constraints imposed by the pandemic. Rather than feeling stifled, consider looking within to see if you have any restricting tendencies that are getting in the way of your daily freedom. “Yes, you’re sensible and practical,” Marmanides replies, “but there’s more to you than that.” “Think about what you might study or learn during this journey, or where you might travel to broaden your vision of yourself when the opportunity arises.”


The Uranus retrograde could appear in a couple of different ways for you, Libra. According to Marmanides, as Uranus enters your ninth house, which governs sex, death, change, mental health, and other people’s resources in your life, you may be inspired to examine your inner foundations and capacity for emotional closeness, both with yourself and with others. According to Lang, it’s also possible that queries or surprises about taxes, inheritance, or a partner’s or friend’s money would arise. Overall, take this opportunity to explore where your genuine value rests, and how it might transcend beyond hard effort and monetary reward.


Scorpio, you are about to enter a period of growth with your closest companions or loved ones. In this backward transit, Uranus enters your seventh house of marriage and partnerships, upending your perception of a significant other. “Think about what freedom means in the context of a relationship,” Lang suggests. “You may feel compelled to have control over your life, but that isn’t always true freedom.” This retrograde gives you the opportunity to address any potential control issues and align yourself with a more pleasant push-pull dynamic in your personal relationships.


As Uranus enters your sixth house of health, wellbeing, and daily rituals, Sagittarius, your physical health may be on your mind. According to Lang, the energetic change may motivate you to seek out new ways to improve your well-being. Given that Uranus is the planet of innovative disruption, this could lead you along technology routes, such as a new fitness or sleep-tracking equipment. It’s also possible that you’re just inspired to stray from your usual routine (Sag is always up for a new challenge), such as going for a lunchtime walk or discovering a new meditative or breathwork practise to unwind at the end of the day.


You share many of the pragmatism traits of compatible Earth sign Taurus, where Uranus is currently transiting, allowing for beneficial self-reflection. According to Marmanides, now is the time to explore what you’d do if you didn’t have to work—which, given your generally career-oriented desire, may need some soul-searching. Uranus will enter your fifth house of enjoyment and creativity, encouraging you to seek out new ways to express yourself and romance. The retrograde’s task will be to reconcile these creative potential with your instinctive need for practicality.


With Uranus retrograde in 2021, you may feel upheaval or change at home, as its disruptive inclinations influence your fourth house of home, parents and parental figures, and foundations. According to Marmanides, “Uranus is challenging you to rethink what it means to come home and be at home with yourself.” If your current environment is suffocating you in any manner, now is the time to make a change, either by upgrading your existing location or by moving to a new one.

It’s also possible that outside causes will shake things up for you, such as family members coming or departing your space—in which case, according to Lang, it’s vital to tease out the potential benefits of these disruptions, which may become clearer down the road.


This transit will encourage communication, learning, and networking for you, insightful Pisces. Uranus enters your fourth house of intellect, expression, and local community, encouraging you to explore subjects you enjoyed in school with new eyes, or to develop new methods to express yourself in professional or social situations, or on social media.

But, as Uranus retrograde highlights the effect of your words on others, Marmanides advises, “use this transit to think differently about how you communicate and what you can do to ensure you’re being heard.”

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