How To Use Body Wash To Defog Your Bathroom Mirror

Using shaving cream to buff your bathroom mirror will keep it from fogging up. Isn’t it strange? While you may believe that bathroom fans are used for this purpose, consider how many times your bathroom mirror has fogged up while the fan is running. You’ll need to do (just a bit) more than flip a switch to defog your mirror the right way.

Of course, if you don’t want to pump and smear shaving cream all over your mirror—it does have the potential to get messy—there are a variety of other options. Learn how to remove the fog from your bathroom mirror once and for all.

How to defog your bathroom mirror for good

1. Use the shaving cream technique

Being proactive with the shaving cream hack (which isn’t new but is now going viral on TikTok) can assist if you don’t want to deal with a hazy mirror at all. Simply spritz your mirror with a mixture of water and Dawn soap, rub it across the mirror gently, then finish with a little pump of shaving cream. Buff the shaving cream into the mirror until it is entirely clear—before you ask, the residue will disappear completely. That’s all there is to it. Take a regular warm shower and experience the incredible benefits of this totally unique practise.

2. Use vinegar to spray your mirror.

While a mixture of 50 percent water and 50 percent vinegar poured on your mirror has the same fog-preventing effect as the viral shaving cream trick, it is undoubtedly more odorous. Simply spritz it on and wipe it down with a cloth to avoid streaks or stains while it dries.

3. Start with a cold shower.

Another approach to avoid fogging your mirror is to run cold water over it first. According to legend, it just takes 30 seconds to a minute of running cool water to lower the overall temperature in a bathroom, preventing the warm water from fogging up your mirror. Of course, wasting water isn’t ideal, so utilise this method only if you like rinsing in cold water.

4. After showering, use a hair dryer.

If the fog persists, use a hairdryer on low heat and point it at the mirror to remove it quickly. The change in temperature will aid in the evaporation of the fog.

What if the reflection in the mirror is still foggy?

While all of the preventative methods can provide quick fog-free results, they aren’t long-term solutions. Each application will usually only keep your mirror clear and fog-free for a few days or a week at most. But, given that they just take a few minutes (if that), we think it’s well worth it to emerge from your shower with a crystal-clear picture of yourself. Don’t you think so?

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