Microcurrent Facial Devices: Should you Try Them?

Although serums, retinol, and antioxidants aren’t going anywhere any time soon, the hottest beauty tips of recent months don’t come in a bottle. Microcurrent devices have been gaining popularity as at-home facial tools and treatments become more common at home, as our beauty editors have been keeping a watchful eye on the trend.

According to Tera Peterson, microcurrent aesthetician and co-founder of microcurrent facial device NuFACE, “Microcurrent relies on a low-level current that mimics the body’s natural ionic flow to effectively reduce fine lines and wrinkles.”

microcurrent facial device

The dream of spending a whole day at a spa is the dream, but if you don’t have that much time (which is most days), investing five minutes in using the NuFACE device will provide you with just as much radiance.

Peterson says NuFACE originated from professional treatments and the amazing results that were achieved. which was created into an easy-to-use, at-home device that is not only safe but also effective, which is why NuFACE devices have been FDA-cleared and tested for safety.” Interested? More about this trend can be found by scrolling down.

Find out the benefits of microcurrent devices for the face, and how to use them.

microcurrent facial device

How does it benefit you?

Microcurrent devices can be used to firm skin, improve muscle tone and contour, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, according to Peterson.

The devices have all been designed with a unique and precise amount of microcurrent for your face for instant and long-lasting results, Peterson says. The microcurrent -which is measured in microamps -increases adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which your cells use to produce collagen and elastin (the molecules that make your skin firm and plump).

With NuFACE Mini and Trinity®, you can both stimulate your skin’s ATP with 330 microamps. Peterson says that the faster cells turnover, the more ATP you stimulate at the optimum level.

The brand’s new ionized skin care activaters, Firming + Brightening Silk Crème and Hydrating Aqua Gel, also help maximize results. IonPlexTM technology in the activators transports current deeper into the muscles for longer-lasting stimulation, which leaves the skin feeling hydrated and looking even-toned. It’s all about winning.

What are your uses for it?

It is of course more convenient to use NuFACE than to book a facial (you can just spend five minutes every day, five days a week). In addition to being able to do your routine from anywhere, you can watch a movie, read an e-mail, or do your routine in the bathroom. “Apply the activator you prefer and gradually advance the device up your face three times — once on each cheek, once on the forehead.”

NuFACE Trinity or MINI beeps whenever any spot on your face needs to be changed, but you should not feel anything as it moves.

The common misconception that I hear from many clients is that treatment must work through a ‘shock’, Peterson explains. Microcurrent is ineffective when there is a tingling sensation because it bounces off of the skin. The goal of NuFACE is to be painless.

What is the best microcurrent facial device for you?

Those in the newbie skin-care club — or those always on the go — should check out Peterson’s recommendations. In just minutes, you will be able to easily tone, lift, and contour with its compact silhouette.

Getting to know your facialist or ready to learn more about her? If you want the same benefits of the MINI device but with targeted attachments designed to align with your specific skin goals, opt for the Nuface Trinity® Device. Peterson says, “Our Effective Lip & Eye Attachment targets the muscles around your eyes, lips, and brows, while our Trinity® Wrinkle Reducer uses LED Red Light Therapy to reduce wrinkles on your whole face. The beauty expert mode has been enabled.

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