Long hair is easier to comb with Oribe Detangling Shampoo

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In a knot, my hair would stay in place, even though it is wavy, dry, and has no natural slip. The stubbornness of my personality causes tangles, which I try to separate gingerly with a wide-tooth comb, although, sometimes, I have to use scissors to cut them out.

In my early years, my mother bought me detangling shampoo and spent hours combing my waist-length hair with a wide-tooth comb when I was eight years old. In the intervening period, my hair has been bleached and bobbed. Despite my current short style, my hair has actually become rougher and more knot-prone as a result of bleaching. Damaged hair can be broken or torn when detangling it, particularly when wet.

I always moisturize after I shower, post-comb, and before my hair is combed, with a slippy product. I had not considered how hair-washing might affect overall slip until I heard about Oribe’s new detangling shampoo (cue the flashbacks of using detangling shampoo two decades ago).

With its powder-blue packaging and proprietary ingredients of cuticle-softening and cuticle-smoothing properties, Oribe’s product boasts the benefits of softening and smoothing. Stars include shea butter and red algae extract, which prime strands for maximum suppleness (and minimum tangling). Designed to cleanse without feeling soapy or stripping the hair of moisture, this formula is like the creamy, gentle cleanser of the shampoo world.

In contrast to most shampoos, the Oribe Detangling Shampoo has a seemingly loose, flowy quality in the way it lathers up. Using this shampoo, my fingers glide easily through my strands instead of getting stuck mid-shaft every few seconds. Hair-washing becomes less of a chore and more of a luxury as a result of this small shift.

I haven’t tried the leave-in primer from Oribe’s detangling line – they haven’t yet released a conditioner. My current routine involves a conditioner/hair mask in the shower followed by a spritz of leave-in conditioner. I was surprised to find that this shampoo makes combing less tiring. While my hair will never be silky, it does appear less hay-like and just a bit healthier looking after using the shampoo.

Every hair type and texture is catered for by the Oribe Detangling shampoo. Of course, I can only speak to my own experience, but I’d venture to recommend it to anyone who’s tired of tearing through tangles.

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