Marine Layer’s Allison Pant Is Worth Every Penny

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Over the past two years, I have worked from home. It was initially a relief to be able to take meetings in yoga pants and an acceptable top (hack: wear black). During a walk with my dogs or on the couch, I would tackle my to-do list from bed and speak to coworkers on the phone. I realized that I could spend more money on loungewear instead of denim and dresses, so I bought a variety of leggings and sweatpants. A year later, it became stale.

Pants were missing from my life. Pre-pandemic life was so normal that I missed it. It was important for me to have a morning routine to separate the uniform of my day from the one I wear at night, in order to establish healthier boundaries in my life. I brushed my jeans off and took them for a spin while I worked at the kitchen table on a deadline.

The fact that I quickly realized I was uncomfortable may have been because I hadn’t worn clothing other than spandex for a long time. When jeans were this stiff, were they always like this? My first thought was, “What a sucka.”. I searched on Google for a solution and found it: The Allison Pant by Marine Layer.


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In addition to being casual and dressy, the Allison Pant is also comfortable. They look like slacks for the office with their elastic waistband and sleek straight leg. I secretly still wear them as pajamas. TENCEL Lyocell/Hemp fabric is very soft and feels like bedsheets. Yet, the design is stable (the dolphin hem adds an extra touch). Moreover, Marine Layer makes high-quality, sustainable clothing thanks to its sustainable fashion goal.

The Allison Pant can also be dressed up-I wear it with a button-up shirt tucked in (my dogs can’t see this detail, but it matters to me). If I want something simple but “I Tried”-esque, I pair it with a silky camisole tank. I get dressed, wear a T-shirt, sneakers, and walk the dogs or go shopping for dinner supplies when I finish work for the day.

Despite their versatility, these pants are not pajamas, so they cannot be worn to bed. They are special because of that. I like the Allison Pant because it’s just fancy enough for me. I have my lineup of sweatpants ready when I log off for the day and want to binge old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy in bed.

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