Mercury in Virgo inconjunct is a cosmic curveball

We’re here to offer you celestial advice every single day, infused with wellness. In this week’s astrologer’s forecast, Jennifer Racioppi looks at your food, fitness, sleep, sex, and more. The whole picture

Despite the waxing moon, which usually signals a time for acquiring and gaining, Monday and Tuesday present a fantastic chance to let go of and eliminate what is no longer useful or efficient. So be prepared for a few curveballs as the week gets underway-and remain focused on making the most of them.

Here’s why: Mercury forms an inconjunct with Pluto at the start of the week, while the sun makes the same conjunction with Saturn. In terms of communication, Mercury rules, while the sun indicates the day’s overall mood. Pluto is a planet of self-mastery, whereas Saturn reflects the discipline needed in life. In light of these two inconjuncts (aspects that push us to reconcile differences by reframing our relationship to an obstacle) happening concurrently at the start of the week, you should take time to reflect on the problem(s) you are facing.

Try to show up differently when you are facing challenges. Make adjustments to the way you confront or work with those obstacles without negating or denying the issues at hand or your feelings in general.

The reality is that 2019 won’t be the same as it was last year. A messy birth canal awaits us in which we get to move while using our moxie to help us navigate it. A waxing gibbous moon leads into the full moon in Aquarius on Sunday. During the second consecutive Aquarius full moon, we are asked to own our individuality while working together with others to create a better future. In the week ahead, however, we must compromise before we can experience the full moon’s complete potential.

Mercury and Mars will come into conjunction in Virgo on Wednesday, aiding our ability to streamline and eliminate things that are no longer working. Especially interesting are Mercury in Virgo trining Uranus in Taurus, which will be followed by Mars shortly. Mars trine Uranus, while Mercury trines him (Mars makes a perfect trine to Uranus on Sunday’s full moon), producing a very creative transit. I want to reiterate that this week will end in an incredibly creative manner, leading us towards greater freedom and growth.

A creative week end awaits us, leading to greater freedom and growth.

To keep creativity flowing, schedule time each week for it. Feel centered and free by feeding both your soul and your body. Let your intuition run free, and assess your options.

In the days leading up to the full moon in Aquarius on August 22nd, we are invited to throw off any chains that have held us back. During the coming days, you can prepare for this epic lunar event by clarifying what you wish to leave behind and what you wish to conjure, create, and accomplish in the coming months.

It doesn’t mean ignoring or denigrating hardships (there is no need to pretend they don’t exist), but rather doing what you can to make life better. A resilient person is one who embraces the current situation and chooses to move forward while overcoming obstacles ahead.

The week ahead and remaining months in 2021 provide numerous opportunities to achieve success. With a focused and diligent approach, you can (and will) achieve so much.

Self-care can be as simple as a simple act. Make sure you drink enough water and eat well. Make sleep a priority and establish a sleep routine. (Even to the world’s most daunting problems, innovative solutions are emerging). It’s time to retire the old (and most importantly), to make way for what lies ahead.

In addition to her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women’s health, Jennifer Racioppi created Lunar Logic, a philosophy that combines the wisdom of both science and spirituality in order to help high-achieving female entrepreneurs reach their next level of success. Cosmic Health can be ordered here.

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