Nathan Van Ness’s First Haircare Line Just Launched

Jonathan Van Ness doing my hair has been in my fantasy since I watched the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy reboot on Netflix. Have we not all? Even the dullest haircuts can be transformed into something fabulous by the show’s breakout star. And his personality? How does he do it?! It has always been a dream of mine to sit in Van Ness’s chair and have him give me a magical treatment for my hair and my soul.

Until I can achieve JVN’s tendrils, I can get the next best thing: Van Ness’s first ever haircare collection, which is slated to hit the shelves (physically) in Sephora later this fall. You can now purchase one or more bottles (or even seven) online. Let’s yaaas!

According to the latest news, JVN will launch in stores starting September 17, 2021 and will be available online at and There are four mini-collection options in the collection: the Embody Collection (to enhance volume), the Nurture Collection (to hydrate hair deeply), the Undamage Collection (to strengthen dull tresses), and the Complete Collection (to offer treatment and styling options for all hair types). A-list locks are now available at an affordable price without the designer price tag. Prices start at $28.

Photo: JVN

We put only the best, most innovative ingredients into all of our products, as you can imagine. Sulfates and other chemicals that can leave some hair in an unattractive state, such as triclosan, are not in Van Ness’ favor.

JVN instead uses sulfate-free, silicone-free, and color-safe ingredients and blends them using gentler, vegan ingredients, such as hemisqualane (an emollient derived from sugarcane that nourishes the hair from within). Additionally, Van Ness’ silicone-alternative gives hair that signature bounce you’ve grown to love. Our bottlers prioritize recycled materials such as aluminum and glass and ingredients that won’t harm the planet. The brand plans on eliminating plastic completely by 2025-talk about a big goal!

Aiming to ensure both inclusivity and accessibility, JVN’s ethos really shines. According to the tagline, “come as you are” regardless of age, race, gender, hair type, or style. JVN truly puts inclusivity first, and as such, it honors the uniqueness of all people. The brand’s efficacy and sustainability are impressive, of course, but its inclusivity-first approach is what really makes it stand out.

JVN’s new haircare line is an exciting (and likely more realistic) alternative, if you’re like me and wish your hairstylist could be you.

Below you can shop JVN

The Instant Recovery Serum is $28.00

All hair types can benefit from this collection, which is made up of three products: a recovery serum, an intense nourishing treatment, a styling cream, and a pre-wash oil.

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