No fancy device is necessary for this classic barre workout.

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While it’s wonderful to combine the amazing fitness gear you collected during quarantine into your sweat session (hello, Bala Power Ring), there are times when you just need to keep things simple. In this episode of Trainer of the Month Club, Nicole Uribarri, programme director and founder instructor of Bande, takes you back to the basics. She demonstrates a traditional barre workout that works every muscle in your body in just 20 minutes and requires no extra equipment.

“Today’s objective is straightforward, but not without difficulty. It’s a traditional barre workout designed to warm you up and work you out from the inside out “Uribarri adds. “So just give it your all, and most importantly, have fun.”

The first few minutes will get your blood pumping, but then comes the hard part. Throughout the session, you’ll target your abs, glutes, arms, and legs using a series of “small, subtle, strong” exercises using the back of a chair (which, in this case, will serve as a “barre”). The exercises will demand you to concentrate on breathing, pulsing, and isolations, and by the time you step off the mat, your entire body will be vibrating. To put it another way? Prepare to accept the tremors.

“This is going to burn quickly,” Uribarri predicts. And, in those difficult moments when you want to give up, she encourages you to embrace the discomfort. “When you want to straighten your legs or give up, realise that this is only a momentary situation. It will pass, and it will be worthwhile because you are becoming stronger, taking time for yourself, and making a commitment to yourself.”

So set aside 20 minutes in your calendar and watch the video above for a full-body barre workout that your muscles will love.

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