Online Mattress Shopping – How to avoid regrets

Investing on a brand-new mattress can be dangerous, especially if you’ve never slept on one before. There are so many mattress alternatives out there, and you don’t want to be caught with a lousy one because of the appeal of a good deal. Fortunately, sports chiropractor R. Alexandra Duma, DC, of New York City’s FICS recovery and wellness centre, is here to teach how to buy a mattress online without remorse.

“We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping,” adds Dr. Duma, “therefore having a comfortable mattress is vital for healthy sleep and excellent back health.” “If you have a terrible mattress, it could aggravate your existing pain while also leading you to experience more pain.” A good mattress should provide the correct support as well as the right level of comfort, regardless of which sleeping position you choose. “Whether you’re resting on your back, side, or stomach, a decent mattress should softly support your entire body and keep your spine in a neutral posture,” she explains.

Your body will tell you when it’s time for a new mattress, according to Jeff Brannigan, director of programming at Stretch*d. “You’ll pay the price physically if you have a mattress that doesn’t fit your body.” “Staying in the same position for long periods of time can be exceedingly taxing on the muscles, especially if the position is compromised,” he explains. “It may be something to consider if you’re suddenly feeling discomfort in your body without making any changes in your life and you have an old mattress.”

While bed-hopping through a showroom may come to mind when thinking of mattress shopping, buying a mattress online is becoming more usual. Many companies now provide speedy shipment and prolonged trial periods, making the procedure much more efficient than it used to be.

“Because a mattress is such an important investment, I’d advise you to make sure you have the option of returning it if you start to wake up hurting or in discomfort in the morning,” Dr. Duma advises. “Take it for a test drive before you commit to buying it.” Keep in mind that while many mattresses allow for a lengthy trial period, this may be accompanied by a hefty return shipping price.

“Each person’s perfect mattress is different, and choosing one is a very personal decision,” explains Dr. Duma. “Anyone suffering from neck or back problems should invest in a mattress that is neither too firm nor too soft.” If your mattress is excessively soft, you will sink too deeply into it. A hard mattress, on the other hand, can exert too much pressure on your sacrum (if you sleep on your back) or hips (if you sleep on your side). “For that mix of support and cushion, I recommend a medium-firm mattress or a firm mattress with a softer pillow top,” she explains.

Keep in mind that your mattress is an investment. “Don’t scrimp on quality,” advises Dr. Duma; stick to a comfortable price range within your budget, but don’t be afraid to splurge on a high-end mattress.

However, no mattress is guaranteed to last a lifetime. “No matter how good your mattress is, the quality of support it gives for your body will deteriorate over time,” explains Dr. Duma. “Every eight to ten years, your mattress should be replaced.” Purchase a mattress cover, such as this Zippered Mattress Encasement ($25), to keep your mattress fresh and protected. Unlike some mattress coverings, which have a plastic feel, this one has a fabric texture but is still waterproof. It also keeps bed bugs, dust mites, and other allergens at bay.

You may buy mattresses online that you’ll want to sleep in for the next ten years.

Leesa Original Mattress, how to buy a mattress online

Leesa Original Mattresses range in price from $799 to $1299.00.

Leesa produces some of the most cost-effective yet high-quality mattresses available. Three layers of foam make up the Leesa Original. The upper layer is soft and breathable, ensuring that you stay warm and comfortable. The middle layer of memory foam moulds to your body, while the base layer of memory foam provides support. The Hybrid ($1,099 to $1,999) and Legend ($1,799 to $2,599), both from Leesa, combine foam and springs. You’ll have 100 nights to try out your Leesa mattress before returning it for a full refund.

Layla hybrid mattress

$1,299.00 to $1,899.00 Layla Hybrid Mattress

Layla’s newest mattress features copper-gel infused memory foam for quick cooling, support, and antibacterial properties. The Layla Hybrid is a six-layer mattress that combines foam and coils to provide additional support in regions of intense compression. Because a Layla mattress is double-sided, it’s ideal if you’re not sure what amount of support you want. The soft and velvety side is on one side, while the stiff side is on the other. Choose the Layla Memory Foam Mattress ($599 to $1,099) if you prefer an all-foam mattress. You’ll have 120 nights to try out your Layla mattress, and there’s no charge if you don’t like it.

$1,799.00 to $3,198.00 Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt Medium-Hybrid

Tempur-Pedic is a traditional mattress that feels like a hug every time you climb into it. It was first offered in the United States in 1992. (Do you recall the wine glass test?) There’s a reason why it’s still popular today. Every Tempur-Pedic mattress is built with a pressure-relieving substance developed by NASA. To reduce movement transfer, the Tempur-Adapt Medium Hybrid combines that technology with three cooling layers and individually pocketed coils. The knit cover is cool to the touch and includes an antibacterial treatment to keep the mattress free of allergens. The support layer adapts to your body for tailored support, while the comfort layer helps you relax. The Tempur-Cloud ($1,699 to $3,398) is a little less expensive option that responds to your weight, shape, and temperature while eliminating pressure points and lowering motion transfer. It comes compressed in a cardboard box, making it simple to assemble and saving energy during transportation. You’ll have 90 nights to try out your new Tempur-Pedic before receiving a complete refund, excluding shipping costs.

Eight Sleep Pod
Photo: Eight Sleep

$2,295.00 to $2,995.00 for eight Sleep The Pods

This mattress from Eight Sleep is a Well+Good favourite. It’s pricey, but if you have nocturnal sweats and hot flashes, it might be worth it. The temperature of the mattress may be adjusted freely between 55°F and 110°F using cooling and warming technology that streams water between an external hub and the mattress itself. It’s also linked to an app that includes sleep tracking, meditations, and thermal alarm clocks, among other features. Kells McPhillips, a writer for Well+Good, claims that the Pod saved her from night sweats and enhanced the quality of her sleep greatly. Watch beauty and fitness editor Zo Weiner put it through its paces in the video below.

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