Optimal gym bags that provide functionality and style in 2021

Let’s not forget about gym bags when purchasing for activewear. Sure, we could all use a new pair of leggings or sneakers (or both, if we’re being honest), but your exercise outfit wouldn’t be complete without a place to keep your Hydro Flask water bottle and fitness tracker. Now that gyms are back in session, the quest to find a backpack that is both useful and stylish is more apparent than ever.

Which gym backpack is the best?

The finest gym bag is one that fulfils all of your requirements. It’s a matter of personal taste and preference, in other words. However, there are a few hints that may lead you in the right route. Paying attention to the bag’s design, usefulness, and material, for example, can help you determine the bag’s quality and performance. Most sportswear fashions are made of nylon or polyester, which are more robust and weather-resistant (and won’t be damaged as readily if, example, your water or shampoo bottles leak). Looking for these, or comparable textiles, in the fabric of your workout bag could help you figure out what’s actually worth the buzz.

The possibilities are literally unlimited, whether you favour style or utility (or both). There is something for everyone, from large and capacious gym bags to functional and small duffels. Allow us to offer you with some of the most popular gym bags to try based on ratings, usefulness, and fabric if you’ve recently been on the market for a new model.

Best Women’s Gym Bags

Nike One Luxe Training Bag — $108.00

This Nike tote bag does not disappoint when it comes to storage. From your dry shampoo to your curling iron, there’s an unique organiser for all of your workout supplies in the huge interior pocket. There’s even a separate sleeve for storing your yoga mat comfortably. You may also use the removable laundry bag to keep your dirty and wet garments separate.

Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag

Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag — $155.00

Look no further than this Dagne Dover selection for the ideal office-to-gym bag. The Landon Carryall bag, with its sleek design, high-tech neoprene fabric, and versatility, is a favourite among fitness enthusiasts and travellers alike.

Athleta Kinetic Gym Duffel — $90.00

More space, more space, more space, more space, more space, more space, more space, This is precisely what the Athleta gym bag provides. It takes the hassle out of dragging about your training gear with its unlimited amount of compartments and storage. There’s nothing this bag can’t carry, from your spin shoes to your laptop. Not to mention that the bag is made of a good, silky fabric that is easy to clean. When it becomes filthy, simply chuck it in the washing machine.

Gymshark Everyday Gym Bag — $35.00

Look no farther than this Gymshark duffel bag if you’re searching for quality at an affordable price. It’s simple, stylish, and easy to transport. The bag contains one main compartment for all of your workout essentials, as well as smaller slip pockets in the front for additional storage. It’s also ideal for use as a carry-on on a flight or as an overnight bag on a weekend getaway due to its medium size.

Apera Performance Duffel Antimicrobial Bag — $55.00

Look no farther than this Gymshark duffel bag if you’re searching for quality at an affordable price. It’s simple, stylish, and easy to transport. The bag contains one main compartment for all of your workout essentials, as well as smaller slip pockets in the front for additional storage. It’s also ideal for use as a carry-on on a flight or as an overnight bag on a weekend getaway due to its medium size.

Paravel Fold Up Duffel Bag — $65.00

Aside from its attractive colour options and lovely sustainable materials, the bag also gets a thumbs up for usefulness. Once you’ve finished unpacking the bag, you can fold it up and easily put it in your suitcase or closet.

Fila Sprinter 19-inch Sport Duffel Bag — $38.00

This Fila selection could be the goldilocks of gym bags in terms of size. The bag is a perfect size for most gym lockers, being 10 inches wide by 19 inches long. It also features four main compartments, which are ideal for transporting lightweight items like resistance bands, leggings, and small electronics.

Best Gym Bags in Style

Lululemon On My Level Large Bag 30L — $148.00

This On My Level bag is the ideal blend of functionality and flair. Its slouchy tote design allows you to take it to work, the airport, or your yoga class. The internal pocket is also roomy, making it ideal for carrying bulkier items like running footwear and lightweight weights. Your garments will always be ventilated thanks to the air mesh divider.

Lipault Paris City Plume 24 Hour Bag — $80.00

Unlike some gym bags, which are large and barrel-shaped, this Lipault Paris bag is narrow and slender. Its superlight nylon twill material makes it easy to transport, and its boxy form keeps your belongings upright. And, when it comes to storage, the two middle pockets have plenty of room to keep your training gear neat and tidy.

Sweaty Betty Cloud Bag — $57.00

The best part of this Sweaty Betty bag is that it doesn’t look like a gym bag. With it, you really can go from the office to the gym quite seamlessly. Its tote design is simple, classic, and pairs well with your dressy athleisure styles. Not to mention, the soft water-resistant fabric is a huge plus for wet weather (and yeah, sweat).

Herschel Supply Co. Strand Duffel Bag — $90.00

This Herschel duffel bag is another one we can get behind. The canvas exterior is also quite durable, and the main compartment has enough of place for your accessories, makeup, and other small training items.

Calpak Luka Duffel — $110.00

This lightweight Calpak duffel bag is 16 inches wide, so it’s a bit on the large side. However, if you require the additional room and versatility, it is well worth the investment. It does, however, have nine compartments, including one for your shoes and a water bottle. The secret trolley compartment allows you to effortlessly link it to your suitcase.

Men’s Best Gym Bags

Tracksmith Club Duffel

Tracksmith Club Duffel — $128.00

This Tracksmith Club Duffel bag can be described as sleek and utilitarian. This duffel bag, which was originally designed as a commuter and weekender bag, is ideal for anyone wishing to pack light and carry quick and easy supplies for the gym—and beyond. Think about it: a few toiletries, a pair of footwear, and a change of clothing, and you’re ready to go!

Gymshark X Series Backpack 0.1 — $40.00

A sporty backpack is a terrific alternative to a workout bag if you don’t want to deal with the straps. And Gymshark’s version is rather comfortable. It has padded shoulder straps that may be adjusted and a clasp chest harness for support. Additionally, the additional side pockets make it easy to access your keys, headphones, and other minor needs.

Rains Gym Bag — $95.00

This Rains workout bag gives you options, whether you want to throw it over your shoulder or carry it like a satchel. This purse, which comes in six various hues, is a must-have for the fall season. This Rains duffle is designed for wet weather and includes various water-resistant features, including a waterproof zipper compartment.

Everest Gym Bag — $26.00

Consider the Everest workout backpack if you want something basic and functional. The brand makes use of high-quality polyester to assist manage moisture and mildew so you can work up a sweat without feeling restricted. You may also keep your sneakers or separate your damp items in the side shoe pocket.

Canway Sports Gym Bag — $32.00

This Canway is a game-changer for everyone who enjoys training or using sporting equipment. Are you looking for a location to keep your weightlifting belts? There’s room for that. Are you looking for a spot to store your workout towel? There’s also room for it. It’s also extremely durable, thanks to the water- and tear-resistant fabric.

MIER Sports Backpack — $46.00

All athletes and basketball players are invited to participate: The ideal sports bag has finally come. You won’t have to lug your basketball or soccer ball to the gym anymore. This backpack has enough space in the front compartment to keep all of your athletic gear and sportswear together.

Best Shoe Compartments in Gym Bags

Adidas Team Issue Duffel Bag — $55.00

When it comes to athleisure, Adidas is a leader, and this exercise bag is no exception. This Adidas duffel is made entirely of polyester and features many spacious zip pockets for organising your belongings, as well as a shoe garage on the side for storing your sneakers. In addition, the bag’s superb quality and enormous size seemed to impress reviewers. “It holds a lot, and the fabric and craftsmanship is really strong,” one gym-goer remarked.

Under Armour Adult Undeniable Duffle 4.0 Gym Bag, — $79.00

This is the best-selling sports bag on Amazon, and for good reason. It’s designed to be a high-performance machine. Two shoe pockets and a couple of internal compartments for organisation are included in the bag. Due to its UA storm technology, the fabric is also durable and can tolerate a lot of wetness. It’s currently available in 20 various colours and sizes ranging from XS to XL.

ICEIVY Gym Duffel Bag — $21.00

This duffel bag not only features a shoe pocket, but it also has a separator that separates your wet and dry clothes. This workout backpack is a definite winner if you’re a swimmer or sweat a lot. This Iceivy bag comes in three different colours and is ideal for tennis, camping, and other outdoor activities. It’s light and compact, so you’ll have no trouble carrying it anywhere.

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