Protein and Fiber-Rich No-Cook Breakfasts

Many health experts consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day, which can sound cruel. Perhaps you have time on a lazy Sunday to prepare a nutritionally balanced, semi-gourmet breakfast, but for many individuals, mornings are hectic during the week. (This is especially true if you have children.)

This is why morning meals are frequently ignored or reduced to a cup of coffee, a protein bar, or a handful of dry cereal—neither option is fulfilling or nutrient-dense. Do you want to know how to actually make breakfast happen? It’s having a few no-cook breakfast recipes stashed away in your pyjamas.

Because you’re eliminating cooking from the equation, you’ll save time in the kitchen. Also, as a summer bonus, no-cook breakfasts keep your kitchen cool.

and you’re doing it in a way that doesn’t force you to rely on processed, pre-packaged breakfast foods, which may be expensive and often aren’t as nutrient-dense as something you make yourself. Also, as a summer bonus, no-cook breakfasts keep your kitchen cool.

Here are ten no-cook breakfasts that are high in protein and fibre, two important nutrients for staying full throughout the day, yet require no work to prepare. (By the way, if you don’t want to do any cooking at all, try Evergreen’s high-protein, high-fiber frozen waffles or Farmer’s Fridge’s wonderful breakfast alternatives.) Breakfast skipping is no longer an option for you.

10 protein- and fiber-rich no-cook breakfasts

chickpea toast

Photo: Heidi Hearts

1. Toast with avocado, chickpeas, and tomato

Avocado toast is a traditional healthy meal, but adding chickpeas boosts the protein content while still requiring no preparation. This recipe is also high in fibre, thanks to the use of spinach and tomatoes.

Avocado, chickpea, and tomato toast (recipe)

To discover more about why chickpeas are so nutrient-dense, watch the video below:

cottage cheese toast

Photo: The Lemon Bowl

2. Toast with avocado, cottage cheese, and tomatoes

Cottage cheese is another option to boost the protein in an avocado toast meal without having to cook it. It offers a smoothness that complements the avocado well, and it’s also high in gut-healthy bacteria.

Avocado toast with cottage cheese and tomatoes (recipe)

no-cook breakfasts smoothie

Photo: Food Heaven Made Easy

3. Smoothie with blueberries

Smoothies are a tried-and-true favourite when it comes to no-cook breakfasts. However, figuring out what to put in your blender that is both healthily balanced and delicious can require some trial and error. Fortunately, by following this blueberry smoothie recipe, you can skip the experimentation stage entirely. Peanut butter and chia seeds provide fibre and protein, while spinach and blueberries provide additional fibre and antioxidants.

Here’s how to make a blueberry smoothie:

chocolate protein shake

Photo: Kim’s Cravings

4. Protein shake with chocolate

Do you prefer chocolate smoothies? Blend together chocolate protein powder, almond milk, banana, berries, and greens to satisfy that yearning. The final product is a delicious smoothie that tastes like dessert.

Take a look at the recipe for a chocolate protein shake.

banana bread chia pudding

Photo: All The Healthy Things

5. Chia pudding with banana bread

Baking banana bread was all the rage in 2020, but no one has time for it these days on a typical morning. With banana bread chia pudding, you may still enjoy the flavour of the favourite baked breakfast. The warming flavour comes from the addition of vanilla, cinnamon, and almond butter. Every single ingredient has a plethora of nutritional benefits.

To get the recipe, go to: Chia pudding with banana bread

no-bake oatmeal bars

Photo: Jar of Lemons

6. Oatmeal protein bars that don’t need to be baked

Oatmeal is a go-to healthy breakfast dish, similar to smoothies, and these bars come in handy when you don’t have the energy to turn on the stove (or when it’s too hot to eat something warm). There are only a few ingredients: rolled oats, almond butter, honey, protein powder, and chocolate chips. The bars will need to sit in the fridge for around 20 minutes after being formed, so plan ahead.

Get the recipe for no-bake oatmeal protein bars by clicking here.

no-bake breakfasts yogurt

Photo: Gathering Dreams

7. Fruity yoghurt parfait with a variety of berries

You’ll have enough time to make this creamy, sweet breakfast if you only have 10 minutes. To acquire as much protein as possible, use Greek yoghurt as the basis. Then add the toppings, which in this case are berries, granola, a drizzle of maple syrup, and coconut flakes (if you have them). It’s full of natural sweetness and contains no artificial ingredients.

Get the recipe: mixed berry yoghurt parfait


Photo: Streetsmart Nutrition

8. Muesli with walnuts, cooked at home

Muesli is an uncooked cereal prepared with nuts, seeds, fruit, and spices if you’ve never heard of it before. When Cara Harbstreet, RD, makes it at home, she follows this simple formula: three parts rolled oats + one part almonds + one part dried fruit + spices. She utilises hemp hearts and walnuts in her dish, both of which are high in protein. You can have a crisp, filling breakfast in less than ten minutes.

Get the recipe for homemade walnut muesli.

protein bites

Photo: Ahead of Thyme

9. Breakfast bites with a lot of protein

This is the perfect breakfast to take with you on the road. There are so many protein-rich components packed into every bite, thanks to the protein powder, peanut butter, chia seeds, and cashew nuts. The fibre is provided by rolled oats, while the sweetness is provided by vanilla and chocolate chips.

Get the recipe for protein-packed breakfast bits by clicking here.

no-cook breakfasts cottage cheese

Photo: Budget Bytes

10. Breakfast bowl with apple cinnamon cottage cheese

The beauty of cottage cheese is that it may be used as a base for a savoury or sweet breakfast bowl, depending on your preferences. It’s combined with sliced apples, cinnamon, walnuts, and a drizzle of maple syrup for a breakfast that has the flavour profile of apple pie but is higher in protein. It also only takes five minutes to prepare.

The apple cinnamon cottage cheese breakfast bowl recipe may be found here.

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