Relax with WelleCo Sleep Tea & Sleep Like A Baby

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There are just as many compelling wellness reasons to clock a restful seven to eight hours of shut-eye a night as there are forces working against that goal—from the blue light we’re exposed to on the reg, to pandemic-era stress and a non-stop news cycle spiking levels of “corona-somnia.” While adapting healthy sleep-hygiene habits (like avoiding doom-scrolling at night and practicing a consistent sleep pattern) can certainly help, being able to actually fall asleep fast once you’re horizontal is another way to boost your sleep quality. Sleep Welle fortified calming tea, for example, contains natural herbs that can induce drowsiness.


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Tea Fortified with WelleCo Sleep Welle

In essence, the faster you fall asleep once your head hits the pillow, the more minutes (or hours) you can clock toward your overall sleep goal—and, more importantly, the sooner your body can enter the deeper stages of REM sleep (which aid in cognitive and memory-related processes). The next day, your quality REM sleep is what will leave you feeling really fatigued.

All of which is to say, that a tea like WelleCo’s Sleep Welle that helps you doze off can also help your body reach those dreamy, restful stages of sleep we all so desperately need. Herbal ingredients and the soothing ritual of brewing your own cup of tea greatly contribute to its sleepiness-inducing properties.

You’ll find in its gluten-free and vegan ingredients the herbs valerian root and hops, which have shown promising anti-depressive and anti-stress effects, as well as skullcap, a sedative proven to reduce mild anxiety symptoms. (It’s important to consult your doctor if you’re taking medications for depression, stress, or anxiety to rule out negative interactions with this tea.)

Besides this trio of sleep-boosting herbs, the WelleCo tea’s ingredient list includes herbs in a category called nervines, which herbalist Rachelle Robinett recommends for its immediate and cumulative stress-melting properties, including passionflower and lemon balm. In a previous interview, Robinett said lemon balm can cleanse the emotions and can often inspire joy. If spiraling thoughts keep you up at night, you can benefit from that mood boost particularly well.

WelleCo’s sleep tea is flavored with lemon balm and natural mango flavoring, giving it an appealing, bright taste that can be enjoyed straight up or with a dash of honey, if you prefer a little sugar before bed. If you want it powerful, you can steep one or two tea bags for two to ten minutes.

Put it in your nightly routine as a gentle way to wind down, perhaps while you read a chapter of a book, write a journal entry, or do something else relaxing, non-tech related. Your body and brain will start to sense—even before you pull back the covers—that the day is over, preparing you to enjoy the restorative benefits of a good night’s sleep.

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