Review of Canopy Diffuser: It’s Replaced All of My Lamps

What do you need to know about essential oil blends?

Canopy is also offering its first-ever line of original essential oil mixes to coincide with the diffuser’s launch (in the past, the brand has partnered with The Sill and Open Spaces to develop aromas). “We felt like it made a lot of sense to start out with a collection that’s focused on making your home feel like the haven that you really want to be,” says Neher. “The first drop is called ‘Sanctuary,’ and we felt like it made a lot of sense to start out with a collection that’s focused on making your home feel like the haven that you really want to be.” “With everything going on in the world right now, and the fact that we’re spending so much time indoors, we have to do everything we can to make our houses feel truly comfortable and like a place that supports our welfare.”

There are three scents in the collection, each of which is supposed to serve a particular purpose during the day. “We wanted to start with a collection that felt like it addressed the fundamentals of modern smell profiles,” Neher explains.

Freshwater Rose is the first scent, and it contains rose water, peony petals, and orange oil. “We consider this one to be a start—or a restart—to your day,” Neher explains. “It’s all about bringing excitement and cheer into your house, and it’s a fantastic way to revitalise your space.”

Then there’s Blackberry Vines, a tart-yet-woodsy blend of blackberry, wild rhubarb, and Amyris oil. “We wanted to create a scent that feels like it’s hugging you and cocooning you in comfort while also adding an element of comfort and cosiness to the home,” Neher says, adding that the combination of bright fruits and Amryis’ woodsy, peppery aroma creates a “complex scent profile that will elicit calm relaxation.”

Finally, Suede Smoke aims to create a “smoky, sensual, sexy moment,” according to Neher. “We think of this one as an evening diffusion,” he adds. Powdery suede is combined with rich, fragrant jasmine and vetiver’s grassy, earthy elements for a subtle, sensual perfume.

While you can (and should) utilise the brand’s essential oils (Blackberry Vines smells just like Diptyque Baies), you can also diffuse single-note essential oils or blends if you want.

Is it really worth it?

The diffuser is little, but it packs a punch, scenting my entire 550-square-foot flat. For $90, you can have a diffuser, one of the sample Sanctuary smells, and a well—or for $70, you can get the diffuser, three Sanctuary blends, and a well as part of a subscription. Following that, you’ll receive three Santuary blends, three new pucks, and a new well from the brand every six weeks, for which you’ll be invoiced $20. I’ll go with the latter, based on my personal experience with the lineup.

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