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Given that I work as a commerce editor, it should come as no surprise that I enjoy shopping—and that I’m fairly good at it, too. My personal commerce strategy includes scouring the internet for bargains, obtaining hidden codes, and installing money-saving browser extensions, but I also use those strategies at work. I’m in charge of curating and suggesting the greatest products at Well+Good, as well as sharing intriguing new finds. Italic, a members-only marketplace that offers premium goods at Target pricing, is one of the most recent discoveries.

Italic: Everything You Need to Know

Italic is an online marketplace that offers members a curated shopping experience in a variety of categories (women’s and men’s fashion, home and kitchen goods, fitness equipment, pet supplies, and more), and develops its products with the same manufacturers as Prada, Alo Yoga, Miu Miu, and Tod’s. As a result, you may choose from hundreds of high-end things (without the labels) at a significant discount. These shearling criss-cross slippers (a UGG knockoff), for example, are under $30. This Prada-inspired purse costs $160, whereas this porcelain dinnerware set (made by the same company as Williams Sonoma) costs only $70.

The annual membership costs $60 (you can’t shop the site without one), and if you buy over $50, you get free shipping. If you’re not sure, the 30-day free trial is a good method to see if you like it. Furthermore, you have the option to discontinue your subscription at any moment.

Here are my impressions after spending some time exploring the site and trying out a few goods.

A product-by-product review of Italic in its entirety.

I chose the Harper Boot ($140) for my first order, which is made by the same company that creates shoes for Tod’s and Prada. I purchased mine in off-white and couldn’t wait to put them on with all of my fave skirts and jeans. They’re stunning, and the fit is perfect.

harper boot

It didn’t take long for these boots to break in, thanks to the soft (but durable) Napa leather. They have a fashionable (but practical) two-inch heel that makes walking long distances a breeze. I put these to the test on a day when I had to trek all the way to downtown and then walk everywhere (about three miles, according to my phone). There were no unpleasant rubbing, blisters, or pinched toes for me. The boots were quite comfortable and fit wonderfully.

They’re elegant enough for formal situations while remaining casual enough for everyday use. These are compared to Everlane ($236) and Saint Laurent ($995), according to the site. These are also available in black.

So far, how’s it going? I am a huge fan.

The Relaxed Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater ($85) was next on my list, and I went for a lovely, autumnal mustard yellow called saffron. It wasn’t form-fitting, but neither was it too loose or drape-y, as stated. The fabric is quite soft, and I didn’t notice any pilling after a few wears. (I haven’t had a chance to send it to the dry cleaners yet, so I’m not sure how durable it will be after washing.)

turtleneck italic

The hand-stitched ribbed cuffs and neck provide dimension to the sweater, but it’s the simplicity of the design and the bold, stunning colour that won me over. This is a great upgrade from any itchy wool crewneck you could have in your closet. Saffron, pink, ivory, black, green, midnight, and grey are among Italic’s seven hues. This cashmere sweater is a bargain when compared to similar styles from NAKEDCASHMERE ($225) and Max Mara ($522).

The Jersey Cotton Duvet Cover ($65) was the most recent product I tried. I wasn’t expecting much from this duvet—I’ve had lots of jersey cotton sheets before, and while they’re comfy, they’re usually nothing special. This duvet cover, on the other hand, exceeded all expectations.

duvet cover

I’m writing this review in bed right now because I can’t get enough of my cloud-like bedding. It has the feel of your oldest, best-quality cotton tee—one that has been washed and laundered and yet feels smooth and warm on your skin. This cover is composed of 100 percent pure jersey cotton, which is both warm and light, making it ideal for both summer and winter use.

It also has stretch and, wait for it, wrinkle resistance. After one of my dogs jumped on the bed with muddy paws, I had to toss it in the washer, and when I scooped the duvet cover out of the dryer and inserted the comforter, there wasn’t a wrinkle in sight. My bed has never looked more put-together in my life.

Just to let you know, it’s only available in heather grey for now. My comforter (which is from Buffy) is a full/queen size, and it fits well. The best element (I can’t choose because I like everything about it) is that this duvet cover includes a zipper, which I’ve only seen on one other brand, which was twice as pricey. This eliminates the need for buttons and ties, which is a huge plus in my book. Similar duvet coverings can be found for $170 at West Elm and $178 at Coyuchi, according to Italic.

Last but not least

If you enjoy shopping, especially for excellent (i.e. pricey) items, Italic’s $60 membership is well worth it—especially if you already have a sizable retail budget set aside. If you buy numerous goods every month, you’ll probably save a lot more than $60.

When it comes to quality, Italic certainly prioritises it, as evidenced by their constantly expanding product line. As someone who has purchased and tested a plethora of high-end and designer goods, I can attest that the items I ordered were top-of-the-line. And, because Italic is always introducing new inventory (soon, they’ll be releasing skin care made by the same people who make La Mer and Chanel), you’ll always have something new to select from—in every category.

The only criticism I have is that some of the best-selling items appear to sell out rapidly. Italic, for example, had a hard time keeping its Kinetic Mesh Desk Chair in stock, and it won’t be back in stock for a few months. It is hoped that as Italic expands, so will their stocking capacity.

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