Reviews of Cast Iron Lodge Dutch Ovens

Dutch ovens are the kitchen appliances that officially catapult you into the adult world. This versatile pan is great for cooking a wide range of dishes (and even when not in use, it still looks good).

Almost every kitchen began with a dutch oven. In addition to being made of cast iron, these vessels are unparalleled in their capacity to retain heat, making them ideal for cooking stews and sautes, as well as keeping the finished food warm up until you’re ready to serve. They used to have short legs to allow them to stand on top of flames or hot coals. Le Creuset (among others) completely redesigned Dutch ovens in the early 20th century. The legs were removed, the lid was slightly domed, and the entire pot was enameled, giving it the luxe look it has to this day.

The Dutch oven, and in particular Le Creuset’s many colors and designs, has become synonymous with these excellent cooking vessels, but you don’t have to spend many hundreds of dollars to own one. Cast iron dutch ovens are far less expensive than their stainless steel counterparts, and deliver consistent results with great consistency. Cast iron dutch ovens – what’s the best value? Cast Iron 5-Quart Dutch Oven Pre-Seasoned by Lodge ($43).

lodge cast iron dutch oven

Photo: Lodge

This Lodge dutch oven has received over 11,700 positive reviews on Amazon. It is high-quality, well-built, and, let’s be honest, downright chic. The 5-quart dutch oven costs under $43 (no, that is not a typo) and is completely made in the USA. It comes pre-seasoned in 100 percent natural vegetable oil, so food won’t stick to it.

It retains heat exceptionally well, whether it’s on gas, electric, induction, or in the oven like all Lodge cast iron cookware. Are you thinking of grilling it? Suitable for campfires as well. You can cook with it in minutes, just heat oil in the dutch oven before adding protein or veggies or heat cooking liquid slowly inside the pot to gently braise your main dish (or make soup or stew). If you need to tenderize meat, fish, or vegetables after browning, combine these two methods.

Due to the self-basting tip on the lid, every drop of condensation on the lid is actually recirculated, keeping the food moist and promoting the perfect tenderness. Your dutch oven can be easily transferred from your cooking surface to your serving surface with its dual handles. Thanks to its beautiful appearance, you can serve it straight from the oven.

Temps up to 500 degrees can be handled by this Dutch oven’s deep capacity and ability to withstand high heat, which means you don’t have to invest in a separate deep fryer.

Amazon offers four sizes of Lodge dutch oven, with its largest going for just under $70. Those who cook for one often or want to serve side dishes should consider the 1-quart size. For smaller soups, stews, and beans, the 2-quart is ideal. If you have a 5-quart container (and it’s less than $50), you can deal with nearly anything. Lastly, there is a 7-quart option, which is excellent for entertaining and roasting hearty cuts of meat.

Lodge dutch ovens should be cared for much like any other cast iron appliance: hand wash gently with warm soapy water, and avoid soaking them. Despite the fact that it will last you forever, at a price so low, you probably should get a few extras just to be safe.

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