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Celeb-approved products are always a hit. We are more interested in a product that is eco-friendly and endorsed by an A-lister.

Drew Barrymore recently used the Garnier plastic-free shampoo bars in a before and after video. If Jessica Alba’s Honest Beauty brand unveiled a new line of packaging that is tree-free. The products on this list are the ones high on our list of must-haves due to their progress in sustainability. Our list of favorite reusable sandwich baggies just got bigger, with Zooey Deschanel’s favorites now on sale for 20 percent off.

Despite sharing her love for Stasher quite some time ago on Instagram, Deschanel’s love for the brand isn’t forgotten. Using silicone baggies instead of single-use plastic bags is a great way to conserve the environment. From the teeny, tiny Pocket ($6) up to the gigantic, but never bulky, Stand-Up Mega ($23), there is something for everyone.

The post Deschanel wrote did not appear to be an advertisement. Besides being cool, these reduce the amount of single-use plastics in the environment.”

The two of them are amazing, Zooey. Despite its small size, the Stasher food storage system is a favorite of Well+Good Commerce Editor Gina Vaynshteyn. The fact that I can put produce or leftovers in them, and put them up in my refrigerator for visibility, makes me very happy; otherwise, I would never remember to use them. According to her, Stasher bags appear to keep food the freshest the longest. You don’t get any plastic-y smell from them, or worse, the fridge smell, and they’re very easy to clean. Just wash them in the dishwasher, and they’re nearly new.”

Besides being food, they’re also useful. Whether it’s storing toiletries and cosmetics, or essential back-to-school school supplies, Stasher bags are versatile. You’ll want your own even without Deschanel’s approval, just take a look at the brand’s mission to prevent over a billion plastic bags from entering oceans and landfills. You can find them on Amazon, and they’re nontoxic and earth-friendly. Take advantage of 20 percent off the full price exclusively on the brand’s website through Tuesday, August 31.

During Stasher’s sale, take advantage of this offer for 20% off chic and reusable bags

$18.00 for a stand-up mid bag

Several different sizes of the Stand-Up bags are available from Vaynshteyn. It keeps you from getting lost in the sea of leftovers, as its name implies. Fruits and vegetables of a larger size can be stored in the mid-size. Stand-Up Mega or Mini offer more space or save space, depending on your needs.

$11.00 for a sandwich bag

This silicone bag will eliminate the need for plastic wrap when it comes to packing sammies. Each Stasher product has a pinch-lock seal that keeps everything fresh, and it’s nontoxic as well. Also, you can write on it, so you won’t make the mistake of confusing tuna salad with sandwich dressing ever again.

The Endangered Seas 7-Pack – $75.00

Save money with this seven-piece starter kit, which includes everything you need to live waste-free. There are a few colorful options, but we prefer those in the Endangered Seas collection, which include hues like indigo, pink, and violet. a portion of every Endangered Seas collection goes directly to protecting our oceans, making it multi-beneficial.

Eight Dollars for Half Gallon Bags

The Half Gallon Bag can hold everything from sauces to strip steaks. Additionally, it’s microwave and freezer safe, so food prep is a snap.

Mojave Mixed Lunch 5-Pack – $45.00

The perfect back-to-school lunch pack for parents on the hunt for healthier lunch ideas. These lunchbox-friendly lunch bags fit neatly in lunchboxes and are easy to wash. An organization dedicated to preserving lands for future generations will receive 1 percent of sales from the brand’s Mojave collection.

Tropical Starter Plus 9-Pack – $110.00

When you can have everything you need for eco-friendly, easy storage, why pick and choose? Whether inside or outside of your home, you will find everything you need in the nine-pack for plastic-free storage. As if you needed another reason to splurge, 1 percent of every Tropical collection sale will go toward the Coral Reef Alliance.

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