Skin care is infused into Dermapore’s device to clear pores

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Summer has arrived and it is time for the heat to peak and pores to clog. The Dermaflash Dermapore Extractor and Serum($99) helps to clean sebum from pores while infusing skin care deeper into the skin, while at the same time absorbing skin care. With this device, it is essentially like getting a facial, but using just one handheld device.


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First, remove all the makeup and oil from your face by washing your face with your preferred cleanser. During the treatment, keep your face wet, so do not pat your face dry after rinsing off the cleanser. Simply press the button on the Dermapore device once to activate extract mode. A white light will appear to let you know the device is ready. While the spatula is in extract mode, start gliding it over your skin, paying close attention to the areas where you know you have clogged pores.

A Dermapore device uses ultrasonic vibrations to help dislodge oil, dirt, and blackheads on skin that can cause breakouts. With the use of this device, you can even see the gunk coming off of your skin and onto the metal tip (ewww!) so you know exactly how it works. You can see how much clearer the skin looks after you’ve been over the areas.

When you’re ready, you clean the tip with alcohol and cotton to prepare the device for the next step. Then, dry your face and apply the serum or moisturizer of your choosing to your complexion. You can see the blue light that signifies the infusion mode by pressing the button twice on the device. Your skin will be touched with little tapping motions that indicate that the ingredients are being pressed into it.

We mimic a facial by extracting gunk and then pressing the ingredients deep into your skin to get the effect that you want. And while a facial might feel like a treat that you get to have once in a while, utilizing a tool like this over the long haul can provide even better, more customizable results. And given that it’s $99 bucks, when compared to an IRL facial, it basically pays for itself in a single use.

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