Summer Lip Care with Seven Seven Rosehip Lip Oil

We use our lips for many purposes: eating, kissing, yelling at our dogs when they dig up our flowers, etc. I cannot get over the fact that lips do not have oil glands, which is a bizarre evolutionary oversight. It’s especially important to moisturize these helpless little dweebs since they can’t moisturise themselves, so I buy 117423 different lip balms I can’t find, so then I buy another one. (Is there some sort of vortex at the bottom of my purse that sends balms and bobby pins to the Isle of Misfit Balms and Bobby Pins?)

Right now, the just-released Seven Seven Rosehip Lip Oil, $25, is at the top of my list-and not just because I haven’t let my purse be sucked into it yet. I feel like I was once featured in an ITG Top Shelf and have a lemon tree in my backyard because the packaging is elegant and simple.

Rosehip oil is the only ingredient on the ingredients list, just like the packaging. Founder and CEO Emily Jimison explains that rosehip oil was selected for this product because of its absorbent qualities. As well as its hydrating properties, it boosts collagen production, reduces inflammation, and most importantly, increases elasticity.”

Since Jimison decided not to use any fragrances or additives in the lip oil, only rosehip oil has a scent, Jimison says. Rollerball applicators make the product easy to apply without making a goopy mess. In fact, you can even use it over lipstick. Jimison suggests applying a good amount before bed as a hydrating lip mask for extra hydration.

Unfortunately, I am not responsible enough to take it with me everywhere I go. I see it every morning on the newly-decluttered bathroom countertop, a reminder of the human body’s strength and fragility.

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