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Skin care and nutrition go hand in hand – after all, the skin is our largest organ. Proteins, vitamins, and minerals in our food contribute greatly to our bodies’ appearance on the outside, particularly with regards to our skin. Is there a product that consistently nails “nutrition as skin care”? A superfood cleanser by Youth to the People ($36).

Youth to the People’s Superfood Cleanser, as its name implies, contains a host of superfoods.-superfoods that are good for the skin. Despite its star ingredient being a smoothie or juice shop staple, it is quite beneficial for both your body and face.

In addition to kale and spinach, there are many leafy green vegetables rich in phytonutrients and high in vitamins C, K, and E. Additionally, green tea oil is a decadent oil packed with antioxidants (for vibrant, glowing skin) and essential fatty acids (to reduce inflammation), as well as alfalfa, which provides even more protection against free radicals. It’s as close to green juice as you can get in that all of these extracts are cold-pressed for maximum potency. Considering these are superfoods, it’s no surprise a bottle goes on sale every 60 seconds.


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Even though the herbaceous cleanser’s nutrition label is excellent, its touch is absolutely divine. With just 1-2 pumps, it bubbles up into a lightweight lather that gently washes away sweat, dirt, and grime. To activate the cold-pressed antioxidants and let them really do their magic, scrub for a minimum of 30 seconds.

This remover doesn’t have physical exfoliants, so you’ll not feel grit or grains, but remember you’re still getting rid of dead skin and pore-clogging debris. Youth to the People’s website has nearly 1,600 raving reviews from fans of this small but mighty phenomenon. One reviewer writes, “I have used this cleanser for a couple of months now, and I haven’t found another one that can top it.” Many cleanser users complain that it dries their skin.

As part of my evening double cleansing routine, I have been using this for two years. I like that it’s gentle and non-stinging, yet washes away stubborn make-up and sunscreen. The scent is light, but I don’t mind that in a product I’m washing off.”

One potential con is the light scent that the reviewer mentions. The scent is earthy, similar to that of natural, freshly squeezed green juice. You might find the smell off-putting if you aren’t a fan of fresh greens. The hefty dose of vegetables in Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser is sure to appease both your nose and your skin-trust us, it’s worth it.

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