Try this 15-minute Pilates workout to shake all your muscles

You might easily be caught off guard by a Pilates workout. You may think you’re signing up for a low-impact workout, but you’re drenched with perspiration and trembling in every muscle in your body by the time the warm-up is over. This is the case with this 15-minute full-body workout, which fans have labelled one of the most challenging quick-hit workouts on YouTube.

Don’t let the fact that Pilates consists of small, seemingly calming movements deceive you into thinking it’s not difficult. Pilates has significant ab-strengthening benefits since every exercise demands you to engage your core, and the slow and controlled nature of the motions targets muscles that are often missed in other modalities. You can’t really bluff your way out of flawless technique because there’s no speed or momentum involved, so you can dig deep into every area you’re targeting… which explains the muscular shivers that come with performing things with control and right form.

In this 15-minute workout taught by Chloe de Winter, a teacher at East River Pilates in New York City, you’ll start with some core training to help you engage your abs, which you’ll need when you move on to targeting your other muscles. After that, you’ll do some planks and (modified) push-ups before finishing with some arms and glutes.

Even if the motions don’t seem like much at first, you’ll feel their effects all over at the end of the workout. I’ve done this workout dozens of times (it’s my go-to when I only have a few minutes to exercise), and I’m always amazed at how sweaty and painful I am at the end. Don’t try to claim that we didn’t warn you. Watch the video below to learn more.

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