The 25 Best Lingerie Brands for Every Occasion and Mood

Once upon a time, the lingerie market was governed by a little-known brand famed for its push-up bras and pink-striped walls. It wasn’t varied or inclusive, but it was all we had. Lingerie manufacturers have gone a long way. While that particular brand (you know who it is) has made some progress, it has been dethroned as the king of underwear. Now, a host of lingerie manufacturers have emerged, allowing us to shop for underwear that is more inclusive, diverse, and comfortable. Because, no, not everyone has beige skin or wants to wear a spaghetti noodle as a thong or fit into a 34B cup.

We’ve combed the internet for the best bras, undergarments, and bustiers, and we’ve tried them all. The judgement is in: lingerie is better than ever before, and more body-positive. For every person and occasion, there is a style, colour, and size. The 25 best lingerie brands to shop right now are listed below.

ThirdLove is one of the nicest and most comfortable lingerie companies on the market.

For good reason, the DTC brand has gotten a lot of attention. ThirdLove makes inclusive bras and bralettes in over 80 sizes, including half-cups, using measurements from millions of actual, authentic women. Say goodbye to spilling, rubbing, and adjusting—ThreeLove can help you find your true, ideal fit at a reasonable price.

Our choice is:

$65.00 ThirdLove 24/7 T-Shirt Bra

In A-I sizes, the bra that started it all is constructed of airy memory foam that softens the body’s contours. Unlike other T-shirt bras, this one stays seamless no matter what you’re wearing.


Are you a fan of the simple style that says, “I’m wearing underwear so simple it makes it even more sexy,” or “I’m wearing underwear so simple it makes it even more sexy?” Get yourself a Cuup. Its underwear is as simple as it gets for styles that are both beautiful and supportive in sizes A-H. Even fabrics that you wouldn’t think would support you, like sheer mesh and soft modal, do the job and feel great.

Our choice is:

$68.00 Cuup The Plunge Mesh Bra

The Plunge bra has it all: it’s light but durable, simple but stylish. When worn with a matching set of highwaist underpants, you’ll look and feel like a buxom diva.


Negative manufactures underwear that you want to live in, as its tagline says. Really. The brand focuses comfort and usefulness in its products, creating gorgeous bras, undergarments, and pyjamas using only the most basic materials. There’s no lacing, padding, or wiring—no frills for a more comfortable fit.

Our choice is:

$60.00 Negative Whipped Triangle Bra

This bra would be made of whipped heavy cream if it could be caught and transformed into a fabric. It’s buttery soft and feels silky and sensuous against your skin while supporting you. We love the bra, but we really want the complete whipped collection.

Harper Wilde was a writer who lived in america

Harper Wilde is another option for high-quality underwear at a low price. The brand offers extremely comfortable products with a great mission—it provides 1% of revenues to Girls, Inc., a mentorship programme for girls aged 6-18 that’s dedicated to boosting up our future ladies, if you will.

Our choice is:

Bundle of Harper Wilde Orchard — $120.00

The Move is a low-impact, silky smooth sports bra from Harper Wilde that has it all: sweat-wicking fabric, compressive coverage, and pockets for keys, cards, and other personal items. The Orchard Bundle features three sports bras in lovely new colours like mauve, orange, and lime green, so stock up.

Skin of Nubians

Nubian Skin is a lingerie and hosiery brand founded in London that goes beyond beige with a diverse product selection created particularly for women of colour. Nubian Skin’s products aren’t your grandmother’s nude underwear—they’re beautifully crafted, bringing new meaning to the term “second skin.”

Our choice is:

$53.00 Nubian Skin Naked Bra

It’s as though the nude bra isn’t there at all. It’s underwired for just the right amount of support, but it’s devoid of padding for a natural, seamless fit. There are four rich colours to choose from, including a warm caramel and a deep, black cherry.

Parade of the cutest and most playful lingerie brands

Look no further than Parade for inexpensive, fun undergarments and bralettes. Panties start at $8 and come with all the bells and whistles, including seamless, elastic fabrics, inclusive sizes, and a sustainable mindset. What’s the best part? Everything is available in a kaleidoscope of colours, from earthy, everyday neutrals to bright, dayglo neons.

Our choice is:

Parade Trapeze Bundle — $86.00

With this unique ensemble from the brand’s new Circus collection, you’ll be right in the spotlight. Wear the spotted or striped bra with the coordinating underpants, or mix and match the designs as desired.

Fenty X Savage

According to the website, Rihanna’s lingerie line encourages “fearlessness, confidence, and inclusivity.” Savage x Fenty has something for everyone, from timeless staples to the most drool-worthy, sexiest things you can imagine.

Our choice is:


At LoveHoney, you can get more than just the latest and greatest in sex toys. It also serves as a one-stop store for all of your lingerie requirements. LoveHoney probably offers what you’re searching for, whether it’s a tiny bra and panty combination or something a little more unique.

Our choice is:

Hearts are the only thing that matters.

Only Hearts is a lingerie brand established in New York City that designs the cutest underwear for every occasion. If you can imagine it, Only Hearts probably has it. Lace, needlework, brilliant colours, fascinating patterns—if you can imagine it, Only Hearts certainly has it. Its entire line of products is manufactured from local, deadstock, organic, recycled, and certified made in green textiles.

Our choice is:

Love & Lemons is a song about love and lemons.

The intimates and outerwear from For Love & Lemon are always sweet, never sour. Made in Los Angeles, its designs are as close to combining elegance and whimsy as you can get. Ruffles, brilliant hues, and gorgeous silhouettes are all on the menu.

Our choice is:

Adoreme is one of the most cheap lingerie manufacturers.

On AdoreMe, entire sets start at just $25. If you subscribe to the Elite Box, you can get hand-picked bras and sets delivered right to your door, allowing you to select and choose the models you desire from the comfort of your own home.

Our choice is:

AdoreMe Kimmy Push Up Bra and Thong — $25.00

Sign up for AdoreMe’s membership option for $25 and get points, promotions, and this sultry set. It was created in collaboration with Bebe Rexha and features all of the glitz and glam you’d expect from a lingerie collaboration with the singer.


Aerie, the women’s line from American Eagle, has evolved far beyond lingerie and now produces everything from sundresses to sleepwear. The company’s various bras and panties, on the other hand, stand out, especially when you can acquire them at an extremely low price—search the site for weekly deals and get new products for a fraction of the regular price.

Our choice is:


Lively manufactures “leisuree” instead of lingerie, with an emphasis on inclusivity and sustainability. Sleek, beautiful bras start at about $30 and provide high-quality support at an affordable price.

Our choice is:

The No-Wire Strapless — $35.00

Is there such a thing as a strapless, comfy bra that actually stays up? In your dreams, that is. With this wireless strapless bra that truly remains in place, fantasy becomes reality. The best part is that it costs only $35.


You’ve almost likely come across Intimissi on Instagram. Beautiful, instagrammable intimates, apparel, and sleepwear are made by the brand, which is slightly more pricey than Aerie and Adoreme but still reasonable.

Our choice is:


To the list of things Asos excels in, add lingerie. Everything is available on the site, including bedroom-worthy bustiers, seamless shapewear, and the standard cotton-undie and bralette combos. With so many brands to select from, you’ll be able to discover lingerie that fits both your style and your budget.

Our choice is:

Giapenta is one of the most prestigious underwear brands in the world.

Giapenta offers designer-quality clothing at a fraction of the cost. Giapenta creates high-quality products that look great, feel great, and last a long time, from bras to bodysuits.

Our choice is:

Giapenta London X Back Bra — $68.00

With this cooling bra, you can say goodbye to boob perspiration. A cooling bra, to be exact. It’s lined with the brand’s proprietary temperature-regulating fabric, which will keep you cool and dry no matter how hot the weather gets.


Journelle has buttery silks, fluffy lace, and beautiful embellishments. The New York-based premium lingerie label produces exquisite items in a variety of sizes, colours, and designs.

Our choice is:

Journelle Natalia Bodysuit — $98.00

For less than $100, you can get this lovely bodysuit. It’s made of sheer lace and has a halter-tie neck that looks great with a pair of high-waisted trousers or shorts (or all by itself in the bedroom…).

Malfoy’s Flower

Fleur du Mal is the king of premium underwear. Everything about the brand screams “high fashion,” from its exquisitely crafted bras to its swoon-worthy silk slips to its stunning swimsuits. Just keep in mind that the costs reflect this… yet lingerie this beautiful demands a spend.

Our choice is:

Spire & Thistle

It’s all about pushing the boundaries at Thistle & Spire. It specialises in old luxury designs and provides them a much-needed makeover for looks that don’t need to be hidden beneath clothing. The Brooklyn-based company is environmentally friendly, diverse, and forward-thinking—everything you could want in a lingerie company.

Our choice is:

Thistle & Spire Medusa Bodysuit — $98.00

In this snake-y bodysuit, you’ll feel as badass as the Greek legend. Elegant embroidery, translucent mesh, and nude tulle combine for a style that is sure to turn heads. It’s also available in a variety of colours and sizes up to 3XL.


Cosabella creates high-end bras, underwear, teddies, and more. The brand is noted for its artisan designs, high-quality materials, and good fit, and it is handcrafted in Italy.

Our choice is:

Cosabella Savona Bralette — $79.00

The Savona Bralette is a stunning two-tone floral lace bralette that provides both style and support. This outfit, when paired with the matching panties, will make you feel like an Italian supermodel.

Anaono is one of the most inventive lingerie brands.

“Find creative, soft post-surgery bras developed particularly for those suffering by breast cancer, breast surgeries, or discomfort,” Anaono’s purpose states. The brand understands that breasts change after surgery, and that comfort is always a major focus. Anaono has a gorgeous bra for every situation, from mastectomies to lumpectomies to implants.

Our choice is:


What began as hosiery has grown into a gorgeous line of lingerie that prioritises comfort. Everything is made with the environment in mind, with products made from recycled, ethically sourced textiles and packaged in recyclable materials.

Our choice is:

Heist Invisible Scoop Bralette — $50.00

This basic bralette is part of the brand’s new Invisible line, which includes items in seven different colours (not just beige!) The Nude Project, a crowd-sourcing tool that gathered insights from 100,000 real individuals across the world, was used to design all of the undergarments, bras, and shorts.

Bandit’s Belly

Look no further than Belly Bandit for the greatest maternity and post-pregnancy support. It’s known for its bras, but it also has a fantastic assortment of leggings, belly wraps, and other comfort-oriented accessories.

Our choice is:

Belly Bandit Leakproof Nursing Bra — $58.00

With this leakproof nursing bra, you can avoid the discomfort and inconvenience of breastfeeding. It has easy-to-use snap clasps that make breastfeeding a breeze. It’s also lined with a stain-resistant, ultra-thick, wicking fabric.


Finding something beautiful, supportive (and comfy) for someone with huge breasts can be difficult. That’s why MINDD designed a collection of supportive, lightweight bralettes just for ladies with larger breasts. So, what was the outcome? Bralettes that are fashionable and comfortable.

The winner is:


Those with smaller boobs, on the other hand, know how difficult it is to locate bras that don’t gape or move. That’s where Pepper comes in: the brand makes attractive bras that truly fit for AA, A, and B-cup sizes.

The winner is:

Pepper The Mesh All You Bra Duo — $90.00

For about $90, you can get two great bras. You’ll notice the difference right immediately if you have little boobs—the cups are shallower, the bands fit better, and there’s no riding up as you walk around.

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