The 6 Steps To Making Moon Water Every Full Moon

It is closely associated with the full-moon cycle and signifies the conclusion of one chapter; the full moon is also a time of reckoning and recognizing what we have achieved and what we have to deal with. The energies of this month’s Full Moon can be harnessed to cleanse ourselves of negative energy and energize ourselves for the month ahead, according to astrological wisdom. During each full moon, you can use moon water to do this, which can be made and used.

Astrologer Jennifer Racioppi, author of Cosmic Health, says moon water can help humans embrace and absorb the full moon’s energy for centuries. In Ayurveda, people soak in moon water to absorb the prana or power of the moon, as it originated in India more than 5,000 years ago.

The power of the moon can now be harnessed by bathing in, drinking, or spritzing your house with its water–its energy.

Moon water has many benefits

Moon water has been manufactured and used for thousands of years-but why and what benefits does using moon water provide? Well, according to Racioppi, the moon “has a calming influence over the mind and body, as well as aids in treating certain ailments,” which means attracting its energy may superpower that effect.

The full moon is a time to strengthen power and accelerate goal realization, says Racioppi.

A guide to using moon water (and when it shouldn’t be used).

Each full moon has different mind- and body-benefiting effects, since lunar cycles differ. Astrologer Chani Nicholas explains that every full moon has unique features. While some of these are useful, others can be detrimental. Eclipses are generally not the kind of moon you want to harness the energy of. Eclipses cast shadows, which reveal what lies beneath. This is usually toxic material or material that needs cleansing. We want to work with eclipses in ways that help us gently remove impurities from our system.”

Therefore, eclipses, despite being full moons, are a time for editing out cosmic energies that don’t serve you-not soaking them up (and in the case of moon water, literally soaking them up).

Moon water should not be used during a new moon, as it has a different energy. Nicolas says, “you can harness the power of a full moon through your intentions set during a new moon.” Consequently, a new moon is the beginning of a cycle and not the time to absorb its energy.”

You can charge your water with whatever energy you need through the coming month or so, if you’re in the clear, so to speak, with the type of moon upon you. The process of making full moon water is easy to learn.

The following are six simple steps to making moon water.

1. Study the energy of the particular full moon

In order to understand the particular energies surrounding a full moon, it’s first necessary to understand how they work for each individual full moon. You might connect with your moon water in a different way during a Leo full moon than during a Taurus full moon, for instance. Consult an astrologer or a forecast online to better understand the energies happening around that event.

2. Pick a container that reflects the intention you hope to achieve

Your many mason jars may be a candidate. Alternatively, maybe your bar cart contains some vintage glassware that is a little more austere and decadent. It doesn’t matter what you’re embracing in this month, make sure your vessel embodies it.

3. Prepare your container by filling it with water

It is recommended you use fresh, natural water. Then fill your container with fresh water by gently dipping it in the stream or river,” she says. You may also attempt to make moon water using tap, filtered, or bottled water if you do not live near fresh water. However, I recommend using fresh water if you plan to consume moon water.”

4. Use your moonwater to infuse your intentions

Taking the time to write down your intention can help you manifest your goals from this full moon. You can place the written manifestation next to, taped to, or positioned underneath the container, or simply take a moment to think about your intentions near the water. You have completed the step once your intention has been infused into the water.

In addition to crystals, herbs, and any trinkets that reflect your intuition and intent for the moon water, Racioppi suggests. Using crystals and herbs to enhance your non-edible moon water. If making edible moon water, use cheesecloth for the top of your container and then place the special items on top of the cheesecloth.”

5. Make sure the jar is exposed to moonlight

In an ideal situation, a place outside would suit this arrangement. However, if you’re restricted to the indoors for any reason, you can place it near a window sill (even if it’s closed).

6. You can use it whichever way you like in the morning

If you want to charge your home while cleaning, put it in a spray bottle and drink it straight, boil some for your tea, or boil some for your tea. It’s your oyster, basically, if you have charged moon water.

Alexander Berger contributed reporting.

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