The 8 best folding rowing machines of 2021

A foldable rowing machine may be just what you need if you love rowing but are tight on space. In order to train at home, you need to set up your makeshift home gym first, especially if you hate rushing to and from the gym and work, etc. A rowing machine and dumbbells are two pieces of equipment that you can use to create your own personal fitness sanctuary in your home.

As you row, you’ll engage 86 percent of your muscles, and you will also benefit from the cardio activity. Additionally, it’s perfect for the days when you’re in a hurry (since you can control how much resistance you use), or when you want to sweat some sorrows away with a long, steady rowing session.

The good news is that there are foldable rowing machines to fit into your home gym if you lack the space for one. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best foldable rowing machines for workouts that won’t take up much space.

Here are the top foldable rowing machines

best foldable rowing machines

The Hydro Rower costs $2,245.00

Hydro Rowers are a great alternative to cardio machines for those who get bored easily. Whether training solo or with friends, it provides an immersive rowing experience. You can row silently with a webbed strap that makes every stroke sound like water and a 22-inch touchscreen display with speakers. The rower can be folded and stored upright after you’ve finished training.

best foldable rowing machine

RW 900 rower from NordicTrack – $1,700.00

This rower is perfect if you want a view while rowing and also enjoy comfort. With a 22-inch display, it supports iFit coach (aka, a trainer), and you can connect Bluetooth headphones to it, in addition to offering an ergonomic seat. The only thing you have to do is concentrate on your rowing technique.

best foldable rowing machines
best foldable rowing machines

Rowing machine ProForm 750R – $599.00

This rower features 24 different resistance cycles, allowing you to choose whether to do a light or vigorous workout. You can also view all your rowing stats on its multicolored display, if you’re the type who likes numbers. It’s also compatible with iFit.

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